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Court - Frost of Watermelon

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 75:33
Size: 173,4 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Progressive Rock/RPI
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Limbo - 4:51
 2. Men I Met - 2:19
 3. Walking and Talking - 5:17
 4. When I Lose - 4:55
 5. Past Days - 4:35
 6. Wet of Sky - 2:33
 7. My World - 5:05
 8. Bridge to Maya - 6:05
 9. Synaptic Ghost - 4:06
10. Sun Beyond Time - 7:34
11. Flat Stones - 4:05
12. Mad and Child - You - 4:24
13. Mad and Child - Mother Nature - 5:40
14. Mad and Child - Father - 6:18
15. Mad and Child - Myself - 7:40

Paolo Lucchina - vocals;
Mose Nodari – guitars; oboe, recorders;
Marco Strobel - guitars, mandolin;
Luigi Bonacina - bass;
Francesco Vedani - drums, flute.
Prolusion. The Italian outfit COURT was founded in 1990, and released two albums to critical acclaim during the following decade. After several years with assorted line-up changes, the band stabilized shortly after the millennium, recorded a demo in 2003, and then finally their new album, "Frost of Watermelon", was issued in 2007, eleven years after their second release "Distances".
Analysis. "Frost of Watermelon" is in many ways a nostalgic trip musically, exploring a mixture of symphonic rock and folk rock with a distinct ‘70s tinge to it, adding psychedelic elements to some compositions to create variation as well as to add tension. The songs are mostly mellow and always highly melodic, and the main focus for the band seems to be exploring moods and atmospheres rather than showcasing technical abilities. The acoustic guitar and the mandolin are central instruments in all the compositions, conveying melodies as well as enhancing atmospheres. The folk music influences in the sound are mostly due to the style of playing from these instruments, the mandolin in particular conveying a feel of Italian folk music, as well as making this particular listener think of “The Godfather” and other mafia movies. Further enhancing the folk music feel on the tunes is the use of flute and recorders, and although not prominent or dominating in the soundscape, the instruments add lots to the atmosphere of the individual composition when used. There are also quite a lot of symphonic elements to most compositions here, which I presume mainly is due to the use of oboe. While listening I could have sworn that I heard keyboards used to build up symphonic textures, but as the booklet doesn't list any keyboards used whatsoever, I presume the recorders, as well as the oboe, are the instruments used to add this dimension to the songs. The subtle symphonic textures are mainly added to the back of the landscape, adding a lush and harmonic atmosphere to the mostly mellow and melodic tunes. On some songs, most often in brief segments of an individual piece, slick electric guitar riffs in a distinct '70s psychedelic style are added, creating needed tension and variation to the sound. This particular style complements the folk and symphonic idiom dominating this release. There aren't too many weak elements here; the vocals may be a bit on the pale side and the band is not at their best when trying out a more distinct hard rock style on Wet of Sky. When that is said, there aren't too many really exceptional compositions here either. All tracks are well above average though (apart from the exception already mentioned), and overall this is a very good release.
Conclusion. Fans of progressive rock from the '70s, and in particular those who enjoy music with symphonic textures and folk-inspired compositions, should find this release highly interesting. And as this is an Italian band, performing symphonic rock music, followers of what is coined "Italian Symphonic Prog" will have one more release to add to their list of albums to check out.

Frost of Watermelon

Chris Watson Band - Black White and Gray

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 40:01
Size: 91,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. All I Need - 3:42
 2. Greener Grass - 3:24
 3. Black White and Gray - 3:15
 4. Don't Think About it - 5:30
 5. Special Kind of Love - 4:51
 6. Last Train Home - 4:16
 7. It Don't Matter - 2:56
 8. Hooked on You - 5:35
 9. I Wanna Thank You - 3:28
10. Sunshine - 2:58

Chris Watson is a singer / songwriter / guitarist from Fort Worth, TX. Born February 17, 1896, Watson grew up in a musical household exposed to several different genres of music. His father, being a blues guitarist, helped Watson cultivate an early blues style of guitar playing which lead to the discovery of soul and Motown classics.
Watson formed his first band in 2006 playing and writing funky blues style songs and began traveling the country in 2008 playing with bands like BB King, Buddy Guy, Kenny Wanye Shepherd, and many others.
Since then, Watson has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of .38 Special, Lynyrd Sknynyrd, Neville Brothers, Bob Schneider, Train, Pat Benatar, Carolyn Wonderland, Hadden Sayers, Los Lonely Boys, Mingo Fishtrap, Collective Soul and many others.
2008 saw the release of the Chris Watson Band's first studio album "Just For Show..." 2012 saw the release of the Chris Watson Band's sophomore album "Pleasure and Pain"
2014 sees the release of Chris Watson's latest album "Black White and Gray". Adding a horn section and brand new outlook towards writing music, "Black White and Gray" will be a transformation album as Watson drops the "Band" from the name and embarks on a musical journey that is more true to his heart.
Watson is also cited as a guitarist on Luke Wade's album "The River".

Black White and Gray

Tim Hain & Sunnysideup - Bleggae

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2007
Time: 47:29
Size: 108,9 MB
Label: Note Records
Styles: Reggae/Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Need Your Love So Bad - 3:19
 2. Reggae Lift the Blues - 3:43
 3. Fine Time Child - 3:19
 4. An Old Bluesman Never Dies - 5:18
 5. Somebody turn On A Light - 4:21
 6. Welcome to Iraq - 2:11
 7. If I Ever Get Home - 3:48
 8. Wind Cries Mary - 3:03
 9. Everybody's Talking To Themselves - 4:22
10. That's What The Blues Is All About - 7:05
11. Feels So Nice - 3:08
12. One Man Went To Mojo - 3:48

I simply love this CD and foremost the Band and their lead Singer Tim Hain. They are absolutely top musicians, play some fantastic music arrangements and songs and they just team with fun, "twinkle in the eye sarkasm" mixed with some very serious content and social awareness lyrics (as far as I can understand them).
They should be a No.1 Hit in the U.K. charts in my opinion. Not sure why they did not make it to the top, but with this quality music they should at least have ONE song in this CD collection of great songs be voted into the top 10 charts. I know competition in the U.K. is fierce and brutal but they are such a good band - so where are the fans ????????? - where is the CD sales mp3 download happening ???
I highly recommend this CD - and if I happen to come to the U.K. again I would try to find one club or pub or concert hall where they play during my stay to go to their live concert.


Prime Mover - Alias Drivkraft

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 38:13
Size: 87,6 MB
Label: Skivkraft
Styles: Progressive Rock/Crossover Prog
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Vykort Fran Sodern -  4:07
 2. Nagra Bagateller -  4:49
 3. Utbrand - 11:08
 4. Oppen -  4:04
 5. Begagnat Liv -  3:17
 6. Folk Ar Inte Kloka - 10:45

Michael Karlsson - guitars; backing vocals
Sebastian Teir - keyboards; bouzouki; vocals
Roger Nyman - bass
Kenneth Lagerstrom - drums
Dennis Nordell - lead vocals
Tomas Hogvag - violin (3 & 6)
Karl Sandqvist - trumpet (1 & 6)
Olivia Sarelin - backing vocals (3)

Prolusion. PRIME MOVER hails from Finland, but all the band members are Swedes. (Representatives of this nationality form six percent of the population there.) They have three albums at the moment, two of which are official releases. The first of them, "Put in Perspective" (2001), features English lyrics, but here, on "Alias Drivkraft", the group decided to sing in their mother tongue, which is the local dialect of Swedish.
Analysis. These guys tell the absolute truth while asserting that they don't have one common favorite band or one common favorite genre either, each being on friendly terms with many different musical directions. (That's right. Anybody, and especially creative personalities, should follow the precept "Don't idolize anyone!") Their "Alias Drivkraft" is indeed the repository of several different styles and is an outstandingly fresh sounding album. Not only fresh, though. This is seminal material, abundant in virtues and free of drawbacks. One of its most distinctive features is that the music is exclusively light and affirmative in mood, which vastly distinguishes Prime Mover from an average North European progressive band, particularly Sweden's. Each of the six tracks present, both quasi epics included, contain approximately equal amounts of vocal and instrumental sections, but the arrangements are never straightforward. All the participants are masterful musicians, tirelessly weaving an intricate web of patterns, regardless of whether they mellow the vocal lines or are in their free instrumental flight. Their singing and playing is so inspired and performed with such amazing ease, that I am certain that they did the most beloved work of their lives when they rehearsed and, later, recorded this stuff. It's definitely thanks to their passion for creation that the magic has found each of the songs an appropriate place for living. The quasi epics, Utbrand and Folk Ar Inte Kloka, each exceeding 10 minutes in duration, are the domains of the experimentation with folk music, which, I believe, is of the Finnish origin, not Swedish (though I can't be fully convinced of that). Very rich in violin and bouzouki, the former is just filled with corresponding colorings, and the best definition of the music would probably be Folk Rock performed with hints of symphonic Art-Rock. The other is notable for distinct folk intonations too, and also features a few high-speed, fantastically impressive movements, which I perceive as a rocking Classical music. To a greater degree however, it embodies the album's primary stylistic course, which is a unique conglomeration of symphonic Art-Rock and quasi Jazz-Fusion with elements of Hard Rock and some other attendant sub-styles. (It must be noted that a guest trumpet player does genuine improvisations, though he appears only on the album's boundary tracks and only briefly.) The music abounds in twists & turns and frequent changes of musical direction in general. Just logically, the second epic and the shorter tracks: Vykort Fran Sodern, Oppen, Nagra Bagateller and Begagnat Liv are in many ways kindred works. Each of these four is as much impressive as the longer tracks, even though they are some closer to the conventional direction of Prog, due to the fact that the features of folk music exist here only in a latent form.
Conclusion. Although the prevailing constituent of the music is symphonic Art-Rock, and the sounds of vintage keyboards (Hammond, Mellotron et al.) don't seem to be accidental in the overall picture, it would be pointless even to attempt to draw a parallel between Prime Mover and any other band, from Prog's past or present either. Besides, their "Alias Drivkraft" is such a strong effort, that the band can be styled as giant-killer, at least within the contemporary Art-Rock scene. Very highly recommended.

Alias Drivkraft

Galactic - Late For The Future

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2000
Time: 55:06
Size: 126,8 MB
Label: Capricorn Records
Styles: Jazz-Funk/Jam Band
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Black Eyed Pea - 3:46
 2. Baker's Dozen - 4:18
 3. Thrill - 3:28
 4. Century City - 4:54
 5. Jeffe 2000 - 0:58
 6. Doublewide - 4:54
 7. Running Man - 4:12
 8. Villified - 3:03
 9. As Big As Your Face - 6:23
10. Hit The Wall - 6:05
11. Action Speaks Louder Than Words - 3:33
12. Bobski 2000 - 1:40
13. Two Clowns - 6:18
14. [Hidden Track] - 1:29

Marketed as an acid jazz band, New Orleans based Galactic has little to offer to jazz fans, but is popular with younger audiences who like to dance. They have an infectious groove well suited for the arm waver crowd, and occasionally live up to their name with spacey sounds, but fall way short of Sun Ra, and on an R&B level, Tower of Power or Stuff. Still they're good at what they do, Theryl de'Clouet is a fine soul singer, Stanton Moore a rock-solid drummer, and saxophonist/harmonicist Ben Ellman can play deep bluesy or avant garde themes on command.
The band splits time between instrumental funk or R&B pop. Most creative on "Hit The Wall," they play Balkan flavored funk with Ellman on baritone sax and Roger Lewis (Dirty Dozen) on soprano. Organ fired funk rock informs "Black Eyed Pea" with Ellman going outre, while overdubbed sax and harmonic trade off before contrasting industrial clattering during "Doublewide." Of the vocal tunes "Action Speaks Louder Than Words" is an excellent message and a real potential hit, "Thrill" a pleading love song, "Century City" a ponderous dinosaur rocker laden with electric guitar of Jeff Raines, "Running Man" a basic soul pop tune, and "Baker's Dozen" is a second line funk reminiscent of "Hollywood Swingers."
Fans of Maceo Parker, Medeski, Martin & Wood, or Groove Collective should gravitate toward Galactic, but they have a way to go before establishing themselves as any kind of innovators or trend setters.

Late For The Future

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Left Hand Smoke - Left Hand Smoke

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1999
Time: 54:30
Size: 125,3 MB
Label: Mackadoshis
Styles: Roots Rock/Jam Bands
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Noise Like Tambourines - 4:33
 2. Blue Eyes Shinin' - 6:59
 3. Step Outside - 5:44
 4. Leave That Boy Alone - 4:17
 5. Keep on Calling - 5:41
 6. Left Hand Strut - 4:43
 7. Reverie - 4:48
 8. When My Time Comes - 4:22
 9. Down the Road - 4:12
10. Lonesome Josephine - 5:16
11. Slide Away - 3:49

Left Hand Smoke's 1999 debut announced the arrival of one of the best unsigned bands in the country. Powered by the punchy lead guitar work of Will Mish and the soul-styled shouting and keyboard playing of his older brother Ben, the band's organic grooves immediately struck a chord with Seattleites craving a return to clean, well-played rock & roll that flew in the face of local indie rock hipsters. Formed in late 1997 while Ben Mish and Ronan O'Mahoney (guitar) were attending the University of Washington, by 2000, Left Hand Smoke began to dominate the Seattle scene, breaking house records at local clubs and generating exuberant word-of-mouth buzz as the next band poised to break out of the Pacific Northwest. A self-produced debut, Left Hand Smoke, began to receive widespread regional airplay after one of its songs, the Allman Brothers-inspired rocker "Blues Eyes Shinin'," was featured on the hit TV show ER. Soon after, the band had their second local hit with "Step Outside," a ballad whose subtle groove proved even more successful. In April 1999, original bassist Chris Jensen left the group. The band continued to tour, hiring musicians by the job throughout 1999, before eventually recruiting the permanent rhythm section of bassist Andrew Scaglione and drummer Andrew Cloutier. Only a few steps from stardom, the band's second album, So Many Faces, appeared in February 2001 to strong reviews.
For a self-produced debut, Left Hand Smoke is a startlingly accomplished record. Driven by Ben Mish's bluesy vocals and the jazzy lead guitar work of his younger brother Will, the band's brand of rock has drawn comparisons to the Dave Matthews Band, although their sound is heavier and owes deeper debts to the classic styles of the Allman Brothers and Rolling Stones. They bring a contemporary edge to those traditions, but in the end what sets them apart is excellent musicianship. For his part, Will Mish is one of the best guitarists ever to emerge from the Northwest. A master of rhythm and Wes Montgomery-style blues, he drives a hard groove that keeps the music loose and exciting, while Ben, a classic shouter with a showman's energy, contributes virtuosic keyboard runs and boogie riffs. While the band's music is largely designed for the dancefloor, its sincerity is compelling, and a handful of inspired ballads are an indication that LHS's vision runs deeper than the average bar band. "Step Outside" explores young love with an anthemic chorus and a soulful touch, while "Slide Away" is a runaway rocker with some classic, powerful slide guitar work. "Blue Eyes Shinin'" was featured on an episode of ER, which helped raise the group's profile considerably. The band is still in an embryonic state here (they had no fixed drummer at the time, and bassist Chris Jensen would soon leave), but, except for a few weak moments, their music doesn't suffer one stitch.

Left Hand Smoke 

Syrius Legacy - Szettort almok Szvit

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2017
Time: 48:28
Size: 111,0 MB
Label: Tom-Tom Records
Styles: Progressive Rock/Jazz Rock Fusion
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Elfaradtam - 8:40
 2. Almot varok - 8:24
 3. Fold alol jovo enek - 5:13
 4. A vampir - 5:24
 5. Orveny - 8:42
 6. Viragtanc - 6:03
 7. Ne sirjatok lanyok! - 5:59

2017-ben a Tom-Tom Stúdióban a Syrius Legacy elkészítette második lemezét - tisztelegve az egykori mű előtt.
A három éve alakult zenekarban: BÁ éneke a nagy elődöt, Jackie-t idézi; dobolása energikus, pontos. FT virtuóz, időnként hangulatos. A két fúvós, LT és VI színes, változatos; szólóikkal és kíséreteikkel egyúttal hagyományőrzők és újszerűek. TE remekül illeszkedik az egészhez - sőt egyre inkább gazdagítja az "összképet".
Közhely, de hiánypótló alkotás ez a CD. Bánatos, kissé pesszimista hangvételével, az ős Syrius akkori, úttörő dallamaival. És a mostani Syrius Legacy friss, a múltat tisztelő, de a jelen és a jövő jazz zenéjét ötvöző játékával.
A hányattatott sorsú hat tételes művet 1970-ben komponálta Pataki László billentyűs és Orszáczky Jackie basszusgitáros, melyhez kortárs fiatal magyar költők megzenésített versei társulnak szövegként.
Az albumon a Széttört álmok szvit teljes anyagán túl, bónuszként helyet kapott még a Ne sírjatok lányok!, vagyis Mészáros Márta Szép lányok, ne sírjatok! című filmjének betétdala is.

Benkó Ákos - dob, ének
Fonay Tibor - basszusgitár
Ludányi Tamás - alt- és szopránszaxofon
Vidákovich Izsák - tenorszaxofon, fuvola
Tempfli Erik - zongora, billentyűs hangszerek

Szettort almok Szvit