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Mick Clarke - Steppin' Out

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 48:33
Size: 114,0 MB
Label: Rockfold
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Backroom Boy - 2:46
 2. Honky Tonk Blues - 3:00
 3. Nuthin' Burger Blues - 3:11
 4. Spend Your Money - 3:38
 5. Big Town Playboy - 4:04
 6. Whisky Blues - 5:17
 7. Can't Help Myself - 3:32
 8. Watch Your Step - 5:18
 9. No Way Back - 4:02
10. Early Bird - 3:04
11. Tryin to Get to You - 3:11
12. Right and Wrong - 3:44
13. 20th Century Man - 3:41

13 new tracks recorded at Rockfold Studio, Surrey. Special guest Dangerous Dave Newman on harp.

Steppin' Out

Marcio Maresia - Viva Little Walter - Live at Sensorial Lab

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 46:18
Size: 106,8 MB
Label: Blue Crawfish Recods
Styles: Blues/Rhythm & Blues/Harp Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. One More Chance With You - 3:03
 2. Nobody But You - 3:14
 3. It's Too Late Brother - 4:17
 4. Blue and Lonesome - 7:57
 5. I Can't Hold on Much Longer - 3:50
 6. You're So Fine - 3:55
 7. Just Your Fool - 3:58
 8. Boom Boom Out Goes the Lights - 3:23
 9. Up the Line - 3:37
10. Melow Down Easy - 3:54
11. Tell Me Mama - 5:03

O Eletrizante Gaitista Márcio Maresia
O renomado gaitista jundiaense Marcio Maresia escolheu pra celebrar seu 25 anos de carreira , homenagear o grande ícone da gaita ,o gaitista americano Little Walter, que é um dos mais influentes artistas do blues/
Little walter , na década de 50 revolucionou a maneira de tocar gaita e opróprio blues , sendo o primeiro gaitista a despontar nas  paradas  das  radios americanas com o Hit " Juke" .
Márcio Maresia homenageia o gaitista com um CD gravado ao vivo no estúdioSensorial Lab , em Jundiaí , acompanhado de uma super banda e co produzido pelo guitarrista e cantor Netto Rockfeller . O show traz Musicas do Cd num show eletrizante .
Com 25 anos de estrada o musico Marcio Maresia traz em sua bagagem experiência, técnica e musicalidade. Começando sua carreira no Blues destacou-se pela técnica moderna de tocar gaita. Dos 20 anos de experiência,tocou 15 com o grande cantor americano J.J.Jackson, com quem gravou 2 CDs.E professor e proprietário de uma das melhores escolas de música em Jundiaí, sua cidade natal,tendo formado muitos gaitistas que hoje atuam profissionalmente no cenário musical brasileiro como, Big Chico, Marcelo Naves,Fernando Xavier e outros Com uma técnica virtuosa de tocar  gaita,  Marcio  Maresia firmou – se como um dos melhores gaitistas do Brasil sendo destaque em vários encontros e festivais no  país,  como  1o Encontro internacional da Harmônica (SESC Pompéia) ,Festival Internacional de Jazz de Natal-RN, Boubon Street Blues Fest (SP),entre outros. Lança em 2018 CD e DVD em homenagem  ao gaitista americano Little    Walter , gravado ao vivo Mais de 200 shows em 2017
Destaque  na Expoharmonica 2012 - Feira especializada em gaitas Em Outubro de 2009 lançou seu 3o CD de letras em português Destaque no VII encontro Internacional de Harmonica SESC Pompéia 2008
O show de Márcio Maresia e dinâmico ,pois seu repertório varia entre o autoral e a fidelidade aos clássicos do Blues.É pura energia!Satisfação garantida aos  que ouvem pela primeira vez bem como os amantes do Blues !

Viva Little Walter - Live at Sensorial Lab

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Aaron Kaplan & Kevin Globerman - The Moonshine Music Co.: Chicago Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 36:45
Size: 84,6 MB
Label: Extreme Music
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tear the Roof Off - 3:05
 2. You Gotta Man up - 2:53
 3. You’ll Find a Way - 3:18
 4. Gettin' Around - 3:10
 5. Waitin’ for the Train - 3:05
 6. No Time to Cry - 3:05
 7. Treat You Right - 2:45
 8. Sleepin’ on Skid Row - 4:04
 9. Blues By My Side - 2:40
10. Strut Your Stuff - 2:22
11. Can’t See Straight No More - 3:26
12. Levee Livin' - 2:47

The composing and guitar playing of Aaron Kaplan ’96 have brought him to the forefront of a new trend: custom scoring for reality shows. Through his affiliation with Barefoot Music, a collective of composers, he started working on such shows as Top Chef, Project Runway, and The Real Housewives series. Kaplan recently launched GrooveBank “micro-libraries” offering defining themes and sonic branding for TV shows. With GrooveBank, Kaplan is bridging the gap between production libraries and custom scores. All the GrooveBank cues are composed, produced, and mixed in house. Additionally, Kaplan has created Moonshine Music Company, a country music library.
As a studio guitarist, Kaplan played on Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook recordings and was featured on the Ironman soundtrack. Kaplan has worked with numerous Berklee alumni during his time in Los Angeles, including scoring mixer Kevin Globerman ’95, bassists Chris Golden and Eric Holden ’99. While at Barefoot, Kaplan supervised then-intern Ali Memarian ’06, who was later hired as a music supervisor. Speaking of the many professional contacts he’s made in the L.A. community, Kaplan says, “I think I know more people from Berklee out here than when I was at Berklee! It’s a tremendous network.”

The Moonshine Music Co.: Chicago Blues

Obacka Blues Band - Obacka Blues Band

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 44:39
Size: 104,3 MB
Label: Butterfly Road Productions
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues/Harp Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mellow Down Easy - 4:15
 2. Help Me - 3:47
 3. Born in Chicago - 3:00
 4. Come on in This House - 4:07
 5. Aint No Need To Go No Further - 3:08
 6. Just to Be with You - 5:52
 7. Looking for Somebody - 4:44
 8. All This Blues - 2:09
 9. Blues with a Feeling - 4:36
10. Lovin Cup - 8:56

We don't have a info here yet...

Obacka Blues Band

Mark Searcy - My Color

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 53:41
Size: 123,0 MB
Label: Moose Milk Music
Styles: Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Where Does it End - 5:22
 2. Congo Road - 5:10
 3. Legend of Charlie Jones - 7:50
 4. Angel of Destiny - 5:12
 5. Moon Lovin' Woman [feat. Van Wilks] - 5:11
 6. Mi Amor Por Ti - 4:20
 7. Fruit Cookies - 4:04
 8. Invincible - 4:06
 9. Gotta Get Back to You - 3:43
10. Monterey - 8:38

"Meet Mark Searcy... Performers like Searcy do not simply play their instruments, but rather become their instruments during a performance. Call it soul, call it a gift, or a midnight trade at a lonely cross road, no matter. Searcy has it."
- Lucky Boyd, MyTexas Music, "Blindman's Blues" Release

“Searcy and Boss can flat get down on guitar and harmonica, respectively, but both show proper restraint by serving the songs instead of the egos. Listen for the guitar/harp duet on Stumblin' to hear how it should be done...”
- Jim Beal, Jr., San Antonio Express News

“..as Searcy is an accomplished composer with the ability to fuse jazz, rock, blues, folk, and country. They will certainly find that capturing the same inner soul will be impossible, as Searcy literally melts himself into each cut, a feat that labels him inimitable.”
- Lucky Boyd, MyTexas Music, "Slideaway" Review

“Arkansas-bred, San Antonio-based blues guitar slinger, songwriter and singer Mark Searcy and his Mark Searcy Band Thursday night will celebrate the release of “Roadworthy,”... The blues can always use a shot of fresh blood, and the Mark Searcy Band delivers those shots. ”
- Jim Beal, San Antonio Express

“Mark Searcy's brand of blues runs all over the map. Versatility is the order of the day as he serves up swing and jump blues, Delta blues a la Johnson, Davis and House, rock blues and a blend of Chicago and jump blues for good measure. Heavy on electric guitar with plenty of blues harp fills and solos, this group's got the stuff.”
- Les Reynolds, Indie-Music.com

My Color

Bobby BlackHat - Put on Your Red Shoes

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2018
Time: 65:43
Size: 151,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Smell Another Man on You -  5:43
 2. Overdose of the Blues -  3:37
 3. This Grey Beard -  3:53
 4. Put on Your Red Shoes -  4:11
 5. Hallelujah -  3:29
 6. Baby Mama Drama Blues -  3:23
 7. Grim Reaper -  9:42
 8. May I Have This Dance -  6:05
 9. Back to Cleveland -  3:34
10. When I Cry It's Ugly -  5:21
11. You Got Me Runnin' -  6:13
12. I Hear Mama's Voice - 10:25

Bobby "BlackHat" Walters, award winning recording artist, harmonica player, vocalist, songwriter and actor hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has been playing harmonica (harp) for over 40 years. Bobby has had the honor of opening for Blues Legends B.B King, Taj Mahal, and Steady Rollin Bob Margolin. Bobby has shared the stage with Kenny Neal, Bill Deal and the Rhondels, Jason Ricci and New Blood, Eddie Shaw and Wolfgang, Daryl Davis, Ruthie Foster, Sherman Roberston, Tas Cru, Slam Allen, and Memphis Gold.
Band members include Bobby BlackHat (harp, vocals), Tom Euler (guitar, vocals), Brian Eubanks (bass), Mike Behlmar (drums), and Lucy Lawrence Kilpatrick (keyboards)
Bobby BlackHat performs original, classic, and contemporary blues tunes that will keep your toes tappin', fingers poppin', and hips shakin' all night long.

2016 Finalist International Blues Challenge, Memphis, TN.
2016 VEER Music Award for Song of the Year (HRBT Blues)
2016 VEER Music Award for Best Blues
2015 Semifinalist International Blues Challenge, Memphis, TN
2015 Blewzzy Award for Song of the Year (Please Mr. BlackHat)
2012 Blewzzy Award for Song of the Year (I Hear Mama's Voice)

"I bought my first harp after hearing Lee Oskar play with WAR in 1972. The sound of his harp just mesmerized me and I knew right then and there I was gonna be a harp player too."

Put on Your Red Shoes

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God Street Wine - Red

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 59:40
Size: 136,7 MB
Label: The Island Def Jam Music Group
Styles: Rock/Jam Band
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Get on the Train - 4:43
 2. Red and Milky White - 3:37
 3. Ru4 Real? - 7:14
 4. Untitled Take Two - 3:12
 5. Which Way Will She Go? - 5:49
 6. Chop! - 5:58
 7. Don't Tell God - 5:29
 8. Girl on Fire - 6:36
 9. Maybe - 7:17
10. Made of Blood - 5:11
11. When the White Sun Turns to Red - 4:28

God Street Wine, a New York-based jam band in the tradition of the Spin Doctors and Blues Traveler, blend funk, reggae, folk-rock, post-punk, pop/rock, and blues-rock into a cohesive whole that is unique and original. God Street Wine formed in New York City in the late '80s and lived there until they moved to Westchester County, NY, in 1991. Comprised of Lo Faber on guitar and lead vocals, Aaron Maxwell on guitar and lead vocals, Dan Pifer on bass guitar and vocals, Jon Bevo on piano, organ, and vocals, and Tomo (or John Thomas Osander) on drums, God Street Wine played their first show on December 13, 1988, at the Nightingale Bar in New York City.
They became legendary for putting on shows in excess of three hours, and with their two guitarists and reliance on improvisation, began to draw comparisons to another great twin-guitar band, the Allman Brothers. Even though God Street Wine's sound was considerably less bluesy, the band wasn't afraid to take chances in front of a live audience, not unlike the Spin Doctors or Blues Traveler. They maintained a large mailing list, in excess of 15,000 names, and continued developing a dedicated fan base often referred to as "Winos." It was this grassroots following that attracted the attention of record executives, not unlike the way Phish took off up in that band's home state of Vermont.
God Street Wine's first album, Bag, a self-produced affair, was released in 1992. They followed it up with a live compilation, Who's Driving?, in October 1993 on the Ripe and Ready label. After attracting the attention of Geffen Records executives and a management company, McGhee Entertainment, they signed with Geffen in January 1994 and released $1.99 Romances in September on a label co-venture between Geffen and McGhee. Since no one at Geffen knew the band, there was little promotion or advertising of the record. They signed with Mercury Records in 1995 after an executive there caught them at the Beacon Theater in New York. The partnership produced Red the following year and the eponymous God Street Wine in 1997. The group continued to tour until 1999 and disbanded the following year. They released Good to the Last Drop, a collection of highlights from their farewell tour, in July of 2000. ~ Richard Skelly