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Grady Spencer & The Work - The Line Between

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 55:30
Size: 128,1 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Americana/Blues/Country
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Winning Wrong - 3:36
 2. Take My Hell - 4:34
 3. Nothing Is Bad - 4:05
 4. By Now - 4:59
 5. Wedding Ring - 3:56
 6. Austin - 3:35
 7. Thick and Thin - 3:23
 8. Find You - 3:20
 9. Same Place - 5:17
10. Goats - 5:11
11. True Love'll Wait - 3:48
12. Not Alone - 4:15
13. Home Remedy (feat. Lee Tyler Williams) - 5:25

Earlier this year, Grady Spencer & The Work announced their upcoming album, The Line Between, would be released in the Spring. Now, the 13-track album has an official release date of Friday, April 22–with an official Album Release Show the following day at The Blue Light in Lubbock. Spencer and The Work, his sound and steadfast four-piece, stayed close to home to record the hearty and robust album with a recording stayover at January Sound Studio in Dallas.
Much like Spencer’s catalog–Sleep, Sunday’s Ships, and The Seminole Optimist’s Club—The Line Between finds Spencer working within the realm of fat guitar lines, sharp tones, and a warm smoothness that weaves itself throughout. Though, this time around, it’s his best sounding. Sonically, it wraps around you with its pristine, natural glow. Four albums in, Spencer is still reinventing and finding comfortable, but refreshing grooves for his ever-evolving storytelling to live in.
As a songwriter, Spencer is a swinging hammer. Each time, he’s hitting the proverbial nail in the board a little further down. It’s always been clear that Spencer’s main muse has been his wife, but an underlying theme has always been the blue-collar working man. It’s always been a lone line or phrase–something that when stacked with others, showed Spencer’s week-day world.
While previous works found Spencer hitting his stride on first-person love ballads, but songs like “Goats” falls closer to the likes of River-era Springsteen and Songs by John Fullbright. Here, for the first real time, we see Spencer holding the short end of the stick. He’s a doomed man–not because of any character flaws–but because he’s willing to bet on himself.
In many ways, The Line Between finds Spencer stretching his legs as a songwriter. Songs like “Winning Wrong,” “Same Place” and  “Goats” have the consistent groove we’re familiar with, but see Spencer’s storytelling grow and some of his luck running out–or at least grounded in the realities of a harsh, relatable world. And while Spencer grows as a gloomy, somber storyteller in the midst of dark days, he stays as reliable as ever in bright, crisp love anthems and singalong choruses. Songs like “Nothing is Bad” and “Find You” are like worn denim shirts. They’re comfortable, lived in moments.

The Line Between 

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