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Stephen Bishop - Blueprint

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 50:17
Size: 115,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Pop Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Everyone's Gone to the Moon - 3:19
 2. Little Bird - 3:30
 3. Ultralove - 3:39
 4. And I Love You - 4:06
 5. I'll Sleep on the Plane - 3:28
 6. She's Not Mine - 4:49
 7. Before Nightfall - 4:31
 8. Love at Stake - 3:28
 9. Holy Mother - 4:03
10. Someone Like You - 3:57
11. Slippin into Love - 3:56
12. Blue Window - 3:45
13. It Might Be You - 3:42

I've been recording albums since 1976..This one is one of my very best. Produced by Jon Gilutin. It's punchy and has many catchy songs on it. I went back and went through my many demo's and picked my best songs to record. It's here. BLUEPRINT! This Brand new Studio Album of mine is called, "BLUEPRINT." It is one of my best albums..Produced by the talented Jon Gilutin.. It will not disappoint..I went through all of my songs and picked my best..Alot of Variety and certainly not the kind of album that only goes by one hit song. It's a great album.


The Matthew Skoller Band - Bone To Pick with You

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2001
Time: 49:40
Size: 113,7 MB
Label: Tongue'N Groove
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Love Her Don't Shove Her - 4:54
 2. Bone To Pick With You - 3:54
 3. Turn To Me - 5:03
 4. Can't Get Enuff Of Nothin' - 5:17
 5. How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong? - 4:58
 6. If Love Ain't So Bad - 3:56
 7. Dangerous Game - 6:37
 8. Same Thing Will Happen To You - 2:51
 9. Talk Is Cheap - 3:48
10. Bad Bed Bugs - 3:34
11. Easy - 4:41

b. New York, USA. Playing blues harmonica, Skoller worked with various bands, including the Chi-Town Hustlers and Big Daddy Kinsey And The Kinsey Report. After establishing himself on the Chicago blues club scene, where he attracted a great deal of attention, he formed his own band. His rough-hewn singing voice ably interprets traditional blues themes in which he reveals his admiration for artists such as James Cotton, Walter Horton, Junior Parker, and Jimmy Reed. He and his band quickly built a faithful following. Among band members have been guitarists Lurrie Bell and Larry Skoller, shakuhachi player Brian Ritchie, pianist and organist Sidney James Wingfield, bass player Willie ‘Vamp’ Samuels and percussionists Kenny Smith and Heitor Garcia. Skoller has also recorded with Koko Taylor, appearing on her 2000 recording Royal Blue. Songs in Skoller’s repertoire, much of which he writes himself, include ‘Ghosts In Your Closet’, ‘Wired World’, ‘Let The World Come To You’, ‘Handful Of People’, ‘Down At Your Buryin’’, ‘Stolen Thunder’ and ‘Where Can You Be’. Although best known in and around Chicago, Skoller has appeared internationally, playing regularly in Greece and also visiting clubs and higher profile venues, such as festivals, in the UK, Belgium, France, Italy, Norway, Spain and Switzerland.

Bone To Pick with You

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Rich Robinson - Flux

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 59:33
Size: 138,4 MB
Label: Circle Sound
Styles: Classic Rock/Singer-Songwriter
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Upstairs Land - 3:15
 2. Shipwreck - 3:57
 3. Music That Will Lift Me - 4:00
 4. Everything's Alright - 5:49
 5. Eclipse the Night - 3:27
 6. Life - 4:42
 7. Ides of Nowhere - 4:03
 8. Time to Leave - 4:58
 9. Astral - 4:51
10. For to Give - 4:15
11. Which Way Your Wind Blows - 6:20
12. Surrender - 4:25
13. Sleepwalker - 5:25

When the Black Crowes either broke up or went on indefinite hiatus (it depends on who you ask and sometimes when you ask), guitarist Rich Robinson spent a few months with his family at home, figuring out what to do next. There were some deaths in his extended family that just added to how strange it was adjusting to life without the Crowes, and how strange it was to be working on projects without his brother, vocalist Chris Robinson. He ended up building a studio in his Connecticut home and worked on his production chops. New avenues were opening, too, with Robinson composing the soundtrack for the 2001 film Highway while seriously working on his painting for the first time since the Crowes had formed. In 2003, he formed the four-piece band Hookah Brown, which toured a bit before Robinson realized he couldn't stand band politics any longer. Going it alone meant singing lessons, since the guitarist had never handled lead vocals. It took one lesson for Robinson to realize his technique was all wrong, but it built up his confidence and renewed his interest in releasing an album. Playing everything himself but the drums, Robinson soon had enough for an album. Joe Magistro took care of the drum parts, then guest appearances from ex-Crowes keyboardist Eddie Hawrsch and BR5-49's Donnie Herron were added, and the album was done. Robinson released the result, Paper, in August of 2004 on his own Keyhole label. Shortly afterward in 2005, the Black Crowes reunited and had a successful run of records, beginning with an acoustic duet with brother Chris called Brothers of a Feather in 2007. The next year, the Crowes released the full-length Warpaint, which was succeeded by the double album Before the Frost...Until the Freeze in 2009. Two years later, the Crowes went on another hiatus and Robinson released his second solo album, Through a Crooked Sun. Another two years passed before Robinson returned with The Ceaseless Sight, his third solo record. Early in 2016, Robinson released an EP called Llama Blues, accompanied by a reissue of Paper, which marked the first time the album ever appeared on vinyl. ~ David Jeffries.


понедельник, 27 июня 2016 г.

Laurence Jones - Take Me High

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 43:46
Size: 101,8 MB
Label: Ruf Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Got No Place To Go - 3:57
 2. Something's Changed - 4:11
 3. Live It Up - 3:50
 4. Addicted To Your Love - 5:19
 5. I Will - 4:02
 6. Thinking About Tomorrow - 5:28
 7. Take Me High - 4:25
 8. Down & Blue - 4:19
 9. The Price I Pay - 4:21
10. Higher Ground - 3:51

Britain’s hottest gunslinger. Blues-rock’s most legendary producer.
If the hook-up between Laurence Jones and Mike Vernon sounds mouthwatering on paper, just wait until you hear Take Me High. Take Me High is another step up for an artist who embodies the best of the modern blues boom.
Laurence was handed the award for "Young Artist of the Year," at the 2014 British Blues Awards ceremony held at the Great British RnB Festival in Colne, Lancashire.Laurence Jones Is 23 years old and is already making a big name for himself.
"Laurence is like a young Robin Trower, exciting and full of energy" - BBC Radio 2
The young gunslinger of the blues Laurence Jones has sensationally signed a deal with "Ruf Records". His Debut album for the label and 2nd album for Laurence was recorded at the Legendary Dockside Studio in Louisiana where artists such as B.B King and Derek trucks have recorded. A catalogue of big names appear on the album including Walter Trout, Aynsley Lister, Yonrico Scott, Charlie Wooton and producer Mike Zito.
Walter Trout invited the band to support them on his 2013 U.K tour
"Laurence is a cross between Eric Clapton & Buddy Guy he is a genius" - "Walter Trout"
A Buzz has been building rapidly around Laurence Jones, starting well before the release of his 2012 "Thunder In The Sky".
Since then Laurence has clocked up some serious road miles from touring through out the U.K and Europe.
"Classic Rock - Blues Magazine" - Call him the "Future of the blues" and the "next big thing".. with 2nd album "Temptation" british band leader Laurence Jones has turned his hot-tip potentil into fully formed brilliance, and officially graduated from boy wonder to main man.

Take Me High

воскресенье, 19 июня 2016 г.

Labyrinth - Breaking Up The Atmosphere

Bitrate: mp3/320K/s
Year: 1991
Time: 40:58
Size: 93,9 MB
Label: Unified Past
Styles: Progressive Metal
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Bed of Faith - 5:21
 2. Looking at the Inside - 2:48
 3. Sudden Death - 4:55
 4. What to Say - 4:52
 5. Take Me all the Way - 3:23
 6. Damaged Goods - 7:12
 7. Memory Attacks - 7:16
 8. Two Years Later - 5:07

This was Unified Past's first CD - but not really!? "Breaking Up The Atmosphere" was released in late 1991 and promoted by the band throughout 1992 when they were known as Long Island's "Labyrinth". The band was young, unpolished, and finding their sound and this cd gripped their audience with it's power and energy. There is that certain something that this disc has. The band is tight, very tight, and the comparisons to Rush were unavoidable. Drummer Victor Tassone and bassist Mike Donohue are a tremendous rhythm section. Yet, their personal musicianship skills as well as songwriting skills were still developing. The true love of what they were doing comes across clearly and gives the recording that "intangible" element. The opening song, "Bed Of Faith", shows the bands' progressive side and was always my personal favorite. Mixing a smooth 12 string guitar riff in the style of Styx with a Chorus that alternates a 4/4 and 5/4 rhythm and the use of great three part harmony, the band gives you all of the elements that you will hear throughout the CD. "Looking at the Inside" and "Sudden Death" were regular plays on WRCN's "Locals Only" program and were also feature on WBAB's Homegrown. The cd clearly shows the progressive sound that the band would develop but also has a two straight ahead rockers, "Take Me All The Way" & "Two Years Later" and also delivers a great ballad, "What To Say", which features a tasty guitar lead at the end delivered by Stephen Speelman. In 1998 the band would give up their Labyrinth name after learning of another band with the same name and they became Unified Past. Now that Unified Past has just released "Tense" in 2009 they have decided to re-release their first two recordings under their new name. Since these discs have been unavailable for fifteen years, I for one am glad they have become available again. It brings back memories.

Breaking Up The Atmosphere

суббота, 18 июня 2016 г.

Mystery Fyre - Earthborn

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 46:38
Size: 107,1 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Earthborn - 3:15
 2. Homeway - 3:24
 3. Mr. Freedom Hand - 3:46
 4. Skunk Funk Love - 5:56
 5. Like An Animal - 4:13
 6. Groove-On Beach - 3:25
 7. High Getter - 3:05
 8. The Soggy Muffin - 2:48
 9. Tumblin' Weed - 3:10
10. Meeting Of The Minds - 2:50
11. The River - 2:45
12. Airstream Flight - 7:59

Mystery Fyre roars with a high-energy eclectric explosion of rock n' roll, the kind that leaves the soul on fire and spirit soaring higher. Vintage relics born into the latter vinyl era have evolved into a sensational experience infused with a sound calling on early blues-rock legends of the 60's British Invasion, yet unquestionably original to the bone. The family stone is key to the group's uplifting medley of heart-moving vocals, passionate guitar licks, fat bass grooves and riff-rocking beats that conjure the unique brotherly trio's all-or-nothing expression of life through music.
Mystery Fyre's booming style has created a response from regional and national press, including a spot on Relix Magazine's Top of the World charts, ranking them alongside the likes of Joe Walsh, Keller Williams, Stringcheese Incident and Galactic. In early 2014, their loyal following became the proud audience of festival goers to attend the band's first annual Fyre Fest in Northeast Pennsylvania.


Yana Bibb - Afternoon in Paris

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 44:01
Size: 102,8 MB
Label: Dixiefrog
Styles: Jazz/Blues Vocals
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Buck - 1:59
 2. Bessie's Advice - 3:45
 3. You & I - 4:23
 4. I Will - 3:47
 5. New Home - 2:53
 6. Black Coffee - 6:10
 7. For You - 5:18
 8. Goodbye NYC - 4:13
 9. Syster Min - 3:44
10. Karleksvals - 2:47
11. Before You Go - 4:55

Als ik de cd ‘Afternoon In Paris’ voor het eerst opzet ben ik in mijn werkkamer. Meteen tijdens het eerste nummer heb ik het idee dat ik op de verkeerde plek zit om dit album te beluisteren. Als ik mijn ogen dicht doe waan ik me ergens in Parijs op een zonnig terras. Yana Bibb verteld intussen tijdens elk liedje een verhaal en ik luister aandachtig. Na het eerste nummer besluit ik buiten verder te luisteren, het is mooi weer en ik denk dat je ook het beste deze cd buiten kan beluisteren. Buiten in de zon luister ik verder naar wat Yana ons allemaal te vertellen heeft. Uit de laatste informatie, die ik over haar kan vinden, woont ze in New York. Maar als je naar New Home en vooral Goodbye NYC luisterd, die beide op dit album staan, wordt het wel duidelijk dat Yana intussen New York verlaten heeft en ergens anders woont.
Yana is de dochter van de beroemde blues gitarist Eric Bibb en is geboren in New York maar niet veel later verhuisd ze met haar ouders naar Zweden, het thuisland van haar moeder. Later zal ze weer terug verhuizen naar New York om daar haar opleiding te volgen en zangles te nemen. En zingen kan ze. Na haar debuut album in 2014 is hier dan de opvolger: ‘Afternoon In Paris’.
Buck, het eerste nummer op het album, begint met gitaar en swingt vanaf de eerste seconde. Als Yana begint te zingen begint meteen de zon te schijnen. Een lekker begin van het album. Het volgende nummer, Bessie’s Advice, is een prachtige ode aan Bessie Smith. Een lekker jazz nummer terwijl Yana verteld over de adviezen die Bessie Smith haar heeft verteld in een droom. De trompet en het geluid van met de vingers knippen, geeft een mooie sfeer. You & I begint met de drum en klinkt als een oud nummer. Dit is geen commentaar, maar juist een compliment. Yana zingt prachtig over een mooie romance. I Will gaat nog even verder waar You & I gestopt is, weer zo’n prachtige liefdesliedje. Alleen is de muziek tijdens dit nummer wat meer op de achtergrond en wordt het nummer gedragen door de schitterende zangstem van Yana Bibb. Het eerder genoemde New Home volgt. Het is een mooie afwisseling op het album en geeft vooral een erg positief gevoel. Een lekker up-tempo jazz nummer waarbij het moeilijk is om stil te blijven zitten. Tijdens Black Coffee wordt Yana begeleid op piano. Met een lange solo tegen het einde van het nummer. “A Moody Morning” zingt Yana maar zo klinkt het nummer niet. For You is één van mijn favoriete nummers op het album “Give me your hand, I will take you somewhere, so beautiful.” Zingt Yana en het liefst zou ik dat ook doen, als de plek tenminste net zo mooi is als dit nummer. Echt een fantastisch mooi nummer. Het, eveneens, eerder genoemde Goodbye NYC is een mooie ode aan de stad waar ze jaren heeft gewoond. “I wrote a song to say farewell”. Een lekker up-tempo nummer met een mooie tekst. Of het volgende nummer, Syster Min, ook een mooie tekst heeft weet ik niet. Het is namelijk de eerste van twee nummers in het Zweeds. Het mooie hiervan is natuurlijk wel dat je zelf kunt invullen waar het nummer precies over gaat. Zoals gezegd is het volgende nummer Kärleksvals ook in het Zweeds. In eerste instantie zou je denken dat twee nummers in het Zweeds op een verder Engelstalig album niet zouden passen. Maar ze passen juist precies tussen alle andere nummers. En ze zetten mij ook meteen aan het denken waarover de nummers nou precies gaan, aangezien de andere nummers een duidelijk verhaal vertellen. Het laatste nummer, Before You Go, begint heel klein en wordt vooral gedragen door Yana’s prachtige zangstem. Yana wil ons duidelijk nog iets vertellen voor we gaan. Een prachtig slot van een erg mooie cd.
Kortom: De dochter van Eric Bibb levert met deze cd een prachtig vervolg af op haar eerste album. Dit is echt een album om bij weg te dromen, een erg mooi jazz album.
Personnel: Yana Bibb: vocals; Eric Bibb, Staffan Astner: guitars; Peter Forss, Dan Martinez: bass; Jesper Nordenström: organ; John Rangel, Alessandro Fadini, Greg Barbone: piano; Per Lindvall, Nicci Notini, Chris Parker: drums; Wojtek Goral: saxophone, flute; Martin Lood: trumpet; Petra Wallgren: violin.

Afternoon in Paris

суббота, 11 июня 2016 г.

Buster Cousins - Swampland

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 52:36
Size: 120,8 MB
Label: Woodstock Records
Styles: Rock/Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Swampland - 4:09
 2. Virginia Moon - 5:00
 3. Visions Of You - 5:17
 4. Bayou Lacombe - 5:37
 5. Crosses By The Road - 5:13
 6. Hick From The Sticks - 7:45
 7. Mississippi Blue - 4:08
 8. Rattlesnake Rattle - 5:18
 9. Rock-N-Roll Blues - 3:50
10. Seminole Wind - 6:14

Driven by the moving lyrics of life in the South and Tim Kelliher's unique vocal style and versatile fret-work, these songs are a highly elevated cross between rock, country, folk and blues. Neil Young/Tom Petty/Allman Brothers/Buffalo Springfield.
When it comes to musical identity, storied destinations such as Chicago, New Orleans, New York and Memphis never had to worry much about image. In the Sunshine State, however, the theme parks and teen-pop fads tend to obscure a reservoir of rich traditions and talent that rivals the Big Easy and the Windy City – if you just know where to look. Swampland, the new studio album from Central Florida roots-rock outfit Buster Cousins, is a fine place to start. Powered by the songs, singing and instrumental work of guitar hero Tim Kelliher, these 10 songs are a highly elevated cross between rock, country, folk and blues. Yeah, plenty of so-called alt-country acts are plowing this same turf nowadays, but few do it with such innate style, skill and sense of place. The Florida influence is as sweetly obvious as the scent of orange blossoms from a grove, from the Highwaymen painting on the cover to the nostalgic images on the CD and the inspired opening romp through John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind.”  A fixture for more than three decades on bandstands in Florida and beyond, Kelliher operates Buster Cousins as a flexible collective. More than a dozen singers and musicians contribute to Swampland, including guitarist Mark Emerick (of the Commander Cody band); veteran drummer Juan Perez (an ex-Bellamy Brothers sideman); bassist Barry Dean (an alumnus of Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express); and Beth McKee, the New Orleans-bred singer currently putting Florida on the Americana map with her own Sugarcane Revival album.  The expansive studio band was produced by Aaron “Professor Louie” Hurwitz, known for his Grammy-nominated work with the Crowmatix and The Band’s Rick Danko, Garth Hudson and Levon Helm. On Swampland, the Professor builds on Kelliher’s muscular guitar foundation to brush against rockabilly (Ronnie “Byrd” Foster’s “Rattlesnake Rattle”), gut-bucket blues (“Crosses by the Road”) and well-placed ballads such as the wistful Louisiana vignettes of “Bayou Lacombe.” Geographically, Swampland crosses the state line with positive results for “Virginia Moon,” a love song steeped in history, and the breezy, almost pop-oriented “Mississippi Blue.” Not surprisingly, the album’s DNA is most apparent in the title track, a percolating celebration of life in the swampland, where muddy waters – not the singer – are friends and swamp sistas tempt with “stars in their eyes.” A worried nod to strip-mall development mixes substance into the groove.  There’s another message in the blue-collar anthem “Hicks from the Sticks,” a propulsive rocker that closes the album with an exhortation for hard-working folks to “take back the country; take back the nation.” At one point, Kelliher wonders: “Don’t they know who we really are?” If not, Swampland is a perfect introduction.


Ramon Goose Band - Journey Into The Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 40:34
Size: 93,4 MB
Label: Tekni Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Rude Mood - 3:23
 2. Everyday I Have The Blues - 3:52
 3. In My Father's House - 4:46
 4. Travelin' South - 3:41
 5. Heard The Angels Sing - 4:21
 6. Perpetual Blues Machine - 3:07
 7. Cut Me To The Bone - 4:29
 8. Hey Hey - 3:58
 9. Chevrolet - 4:47
10. Sitting On Top Of The World - 4:06

Whether performing as an acoustic blues/gospel trio or as an electric blues band Ramon Goose strives to bring both sophistication and soul to his music. Ramon Goose was born in England and started out with British band Nublues as guitarist, chief song writer and producer. The band has sold over 10,000 copies worldwide of the debut album \"Dreams Of A Blues Man\" (released on Dixiefrog Records in Europe, 21st Century Blues Records in New Orleans, USA and published by Metisse Music) and has toured all over Europe with the likes of Eric Burdon, The Blind Boys of Alabama and and performed with James Brown’s bandleader Pee Wee Ellis. After a short stint with American bluesman Eric Bibb’s band, Ramon went on to produce, perform on and co-write critically acclaimed albums for Boo Boo Davis (Mississippi Blues artist) and Billy Jones (based in Arkansas) both on the Black and Tan Records label. Recent projects have included performing alongside Hilaire Chaby-Hary (Baaba Mal) & other West African Musicans. Ramon is currently working on his first solo release and touring with his new band which include Akos Hasznos on bass and Paul Francis on Drums/

Journey Into The Blues

пятница, 10 июня 2016 г.

Andrew Young - Diamonds

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 45:32
Size: 105,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Summertime - 5:30
 2. Harlem Nocturne - 5:04
 3. Amazing Grace - 4:01
 4. Don't Know Why - 4:41
 5. Cavatina - 4:13
 6. Long And Winding Road - 3:38
 7. Somewhere Over The Rainbow - 3:31
 8. Besame Mucho - 4:35
 9. Chuan Qi - 4:47
10. Mannenberg - 5:27

Born in Liverpool, England. After completing his Saxophone and Clarinet studies in London, Andrew moved to Germany to pursue a desire for a broader and more eclectic involvement in all genres of music. He had the honour of performing as soloist with various Symphony Orchestras and engaged in session work and concerts alongside Pop/Jazz/Funk luminaries such as Matt Bianco and Precious Wilson Band. The invitation to perform in South Africa whirled an engulfing wave of success with the Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra and newly formed 5 piece Jazz/Funk/Fusion Band "Let It Flow." Andrew soon became involved in the crosscurrents of South African and International music, meeting and being invited to perform with artists such as Joseph Shabalala (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Jonathan Butler, Shakatak, Shirley Bassey, James Gallway as well as American R+B artist Keith Washington and a Tour of Austria with Dionne Warwick.
This culminated in the release of his debut album "Soul People" , a synergy of forces with BMG and producer Dennis East. The album topped the South African charts twice and was nominated five times for the South African Music Awards, paving the way for a pivotal point in his career.