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Amos Garrett Jazz Trio - Bluesjazz

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 50:43
Size: 116,1 MB
Label: Stony Plain #SPCD 1368
Styles: Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
1. Freddie Freeloader [Live from Vancouver Island MusicFest 7/11/10] -  3:44
2. Misterioso [Live from Beaupre Community Hall 5/13/11] -  6:28
3. Blue Monk [Live from Beaupre Community Hall 5/13/11] -  3:54
4. Cocktails for Two [Live from the Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary AB, 10/14/11] -  6:24
5. Little Sunflower [Live from the Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary AB 10/14/11] - 10:16
6. Bob Erlendson Medley: Forty One/Ronnie's Gone [Live from the Ironwood Stage & Grill, Calgary AB 10/14/11 & Vancouver Island MusicFest 7/11/10] -  8:37
7. All Blues [Triwood Community Centre, Calgary AB 3/5/11] -  7:10
8. Skylark [Live from Vancouver Island MusicFest 7/11/10] -  4:06

In addition to recording blues and roots music solo albums for Stony Plain, Amos has been leading his Jazz Trio for several years. The band's motto is "bringing blues back to jazz." The Trio's debut album reminds us all that blues was once a major part of the jazz world. Best known as a legendary first call session guitar player (Bonnie Raitt, Elvin Bishop, Emmylou Harris, etc.), Amos was also a member of Paul Butterfield's Better Days and Maria Muldaur's bandleader. Amos has appeared on more then 150 artists' recordings in all genres of music.  Describing this collection of concert recordings as a congenial affair doesn’t quite do it justice. Guitarists Amos Garrett and Kevin Smith couldn’t sound more relaxed and compatible if they were sitting out on a back porch somewhere shooting the breeze. Bassist Greg Carroll only adds to the casual air.  Look elsewhere for games of dueling one-upsmanship. Here you’ll find Garrett and Smith focusing on the blues underpinnings of jazz, the soulful beauty and stealthy allure. The duo finds inspiration in some of the usual places—Thelonious Monk, for example, is represented by back-to-back renderings of “Misterioso” and “Blue Monk.” But with the help of Carroll and guest bassist John Hyde, the guitarists avoid rote notes. Boasting warm harmonies, dovetailing parts and shimmering accents, the arrangements are consistently evocative, and if the more languidly paced mood pieces seem to suit Garrett to a tee, well, that’s no surprise given his remarkable track record. There are tonal contrasts aplenty, what with Garrett’s muted twang and Smith’s elegant lines, but each performance reveals just how closely attuned these pickers are.
As for Garrett’s off-the-cuff vocal on “Cocktails for Two,” it’s fine for what it is—a bit of saloon crooning appropriate to the club setting. Roberta Donnay leaves a stronger impression during her cameo on “Skylark,” in ways that immediately bring Maria Muldaur to mind (Garrett played on her big hit “Midnight at the Oasis”). Yet nothing is more enjoyable than hearing Garrett and Smith play, indulging their taste for vintage sounds in which blues and jazz commingle.


суббота, 30 июля 2016 г.

Vandell Andrew - All for Love

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 41:08
Size: 94,4 MB
Label: SR
Styles: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Lover's Suite - 4:09
 2. Better with You - 4:04
 3. My Everything - 3:42
 4. The One - 3:23
 5. You're Always There (feat. Brandon Marcel) - 4:20
 6. When You Walked In (feat. Topic) - 4:13
 7. All for Love - 4:03
 8. Her Touch (feat. David P. Stevens) - 4:56
 9. Shrimp & Grits - 4:11
10. Back at It - 4:02

Soulful saxophone on top of silky smooth, r&b grooves.

All for Love

Lee Patterson Singers - Oh Happy Day

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1977
Time: 22:55
Size: 52,5 MB
Label: Mercury
Styles: Gospel/Funk
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Oh Happy Day - 3:28
 2. Just A Closer Walk With Thee - 2:15
 3. He's Got The Whole World - 2:07
 4. Weeping Mary - 1:00
 5. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - 2:02
 6. Go Tell It On The Mountain - 2:52
 7. Kumbaya - 2:35
 8. Wade In The Water - 1:56
 9. Just As I Am - 2:25
10. Amen - 2:12

The intensity of the vocals and the sheer passion of the performances are remarkable, and even if the lyrics address matters of the heart and the flesh, the spirit remains the unspoken bond that holds the music together. Although relatively conservative by funk-era standards, The Patterson Singers is nevertheless a solid listen from start to finish, evoking soul giants spanning from Otis Redding to Aretha Franklin.

Oh Happy Day

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Gary Hoey - Dust & Bones

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 42:09
Size: 96,9 MB
Label: Provogue
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front+Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Boxcar Blues - 3:43
 2. Who's Your Daddy - 4:15
 3. Born To Love You - 3:15
 4. Dust & Bones - 4:08
 5. Steamroller (tribute to Johnny Winter) - 3:26
 6. Coming Home (Featuring Lita Ford) - 4:56
 7. Ghost Of Yesterday - 3:47
 8. This Time Tomorrow - 4:35
 9. Back Up Against The Wall - 3:05
10. Blind Faith - 3:12
11. Soul Surfer - 3:42

Gary Hoey has recorded 19 albums and had five top-20 Billboard hits, and has been called one of the top 100 guitarists of all time by Rolling Stone magazine. Hoey’s biggest hit was his version of Focus’ Hocus Pocus in 1993: the cover song rocketed into the Billboard Top 5 and became the most frequently played rock song of that year. In addition to touring as a headline act, Hoey has toured and traded licks with Brian May of Queen, Ted Nugent, Foreigner, Joe Satriani, The Doobie Brothers, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Peter Frampton, Rick Derringer, and Deep Purple. The song ‘Coming Home’ is not the first cooperation between Gary Hoey and Lita Ford: Hoey played on and co-wrote a few songs on Ford's album ‘Living Like A Runaway’ album in 2012, as well as toured with her in support of that album. His popular “Ho Ho Hoey” series of Christmas CDs and on-air station visits during the holiday season have become an annual staple at hundreds of US radio stations and his live annual interpretation, “Ho Ho Hoey’s Rockin’ Holiday Show,” gains new fans each year. Hallmark’s musical greeting cards feature two of Gary’s “Ho Ho Hoey” classics.
Dust & Bones
All the songs on this 11 track collection are good. The album kicks off with ‘Box Car Blues’, a slide guitar driven rocker that would grace any Joe Bonamassa record.  ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ is a gentler blues shuffle which leads into ‘Born To Love You’ – this is a great song and sounds like Billy Gibbons is an obvious influence. Lead song off the album is ‘Dust & Bones’ and this should be on rock radio everywhere if the Band’s publicist is good at their job; it’s a great song, still heavy but commercial at the same time. ‘Steam Roller’ is listed as a Johnny Winter tribute and I can’t think of a better description for it. The afore mentioned power ballad, ‘Coming Home’, is actually very good and features some of the best guitar work on the entire record. This leads into ‘Ghost Of Yesterday’ and I think this is another terrific song that could do well as a single. An up-tempo number with a catchy chorus and capped with a lengthy solo. ‘This Time Tomorrow’, ‘Back Against The Wall’ and ‘Blind Faith’ are all good but with three entirely different styles. These lead to album closer ‘Soul Surfer’. It’s is the only instrumental on the album and it’s a nice way to finish.
This is an album that will appeal to all blues rock fans and if the album is anything to go by, then his live show, if it makes it over here, will be very loud and very good.

Dust & Bones 

Sunblind Lion - The Sanatorium

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 57:46
Size: 133,4 MB
Label: Homegrown Records
Styles: Progressive Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Introduction - 0:30
 2. Thesis (Phthisis) - 3:32
 3. My Name Is Leonard - 4:31
 4. The Maid with the Emerald Eyes (Leonard's Dream) - 5:14
 5. The Price We Paid - 5:09
 6. You're in No Condition (To Take a Bath All By Yourself) - 2:46
 7. What's Your Name, Honey? - 3:39
 8. Hold to Your Dreams (Dr Bavet's Advice to Leonard) - 3:26
 9. Another Christmas Time - 4:23
10. Love into Battle - 4:24
11. The Night We Danced as One - 2:51
12. Levina's Song (A Perilous Journey) - 4:23
13. Everything Comes Falling (J. Henry's Lament) - 4:32
14. The Air They Breathe - 7:28
15. Rumination - 0:51

Keith Abler - rhythm guitar, vocals;
Dave Steffen - lead guitar, vocals;
Duane Abler - keyboards,vocals;
Steve Olschesky - bass, vocals;
Larry Baldock - bass, vocals;
Mike Dellger - drums, vocals.

This compilation of songs, based on an original short story set in 1927, follows the adventures of a young man who has been remanded to a tuberculosis sanatorium. Against a powerful musical background, the protagonist ultimately prevails.
Sunblind Lion was formed in 1974 in the small rural community of Plymouth, WI. This group of progressive rock artists released its first LP, Observer, in 1976. It received substantial airplay throughout Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest. Two years later, the band’s second album, Above and Beyond, was released to critical acclaim. Billboard magazine referred to the band’s musical style as “classic original art rock.” In 1980 the band released its third and final LP, Live Lion, before disbanding. These three distinctly different albums were consistently “characterized by intelligent lyrics, impressive guitar playing, and grandiose keyboard work.”
Several of the band members since then have continued to perform in different musical incarnations, most notably The Dave Steffen Band and Gilbert and the Pirates. Despite their different directions, the members of Sunblind Lion continued to reunite for occasional performances to the delight of their many fans.
Now in 2014 Sunblind Lion is proud to announce its first album release in 33 years! The CD titled The Sanatorium is a unified collection of songs written by Keith Abler and Michael Dellger, two of the major writers of the previous Sunblind Lion LPs. The songs, based on a short story by Dellger and which takes place in 1927, tell the story of a young man, Leonard Koltien, who has been placed in a tuberculosis sanatorium by his elder brother as a ploy to get rid of him. The songs recount Leonard’s experiences at the sanatorium as well as of those whom he meets there.
Six of the original members of Sunblind Lion recorded The Sanatorium at Rock Garden Studios in Appleton, Wisconsin, under the expert production/ engineering skills of Marc Golde, with assistance from the Eager Brothers.
Despite the acclamation the band has received over the years from their previous recordings, the consensus among the members is that this is undoubtedly their very best work to date.

The Sanatorium

Rock Hendricks - Can't Let Go

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 58:22
Size: 134,2 MB
Label: Trippin N Rhythm
Styles: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Can't Let Go - 4:54
 2. Smooth Ride - 4:54
 3. Mr. Marcus - 4:47
 4. Wanna Ride - 5:36
 5. All You Want - 4:47
 6. Gods Nature - 5:13
 7. Bumpin - 4:20
 8. In the Morning - 3:12
 9. U the Man (feat. Gabriel Has) - 4:11
10. The Island - 6:14
11. The Smooth Gruv 2 - 5:21
12. Maximum Stimulation - 4:47

Music was in Rock's blood from the day he was born.  In fact, Rock was born with a rare congenital eye disease rendering him virtually blind.  As he came to rely solely on his hearing , his was instantly drawn to the beautiful, sweet tone of the sax.  When asked why Rock chose to play the sax as his instrument, he said, "I didn't have a choice"... he just knew it was his destiny.  During his younger years, great symphonic music such as Mozart, gospel music, and the songs of Little Richard and Fats Domino were of great inspiration to Rock and his passion to play the sax grew a life of its own.
After several eye operations, Rock was divinely given the gift of partial sight at the age of seven.  According to Rock, it was the most memorable day of his life and the day he first laid his eyes on a saxophone followed a close second. No one could deny it was love at first sight and this resulted in Rock's father giving him his first saxophone at the age of nine.  In no time, Rock proved to be a natural prodigy.  At 15, he started performing with the soul groups of Oakland, California and Rock believes this experience is what gave him the true soul that can be heard in his music today.  
Throughout his career, Rock performed and recorded with many legendary performers such as Michael Jackson, John Lee Hooker, Lydia Pense & Cold Blood, The Funkadelics, Michael Buble, Marvin Gaye Jr., Marvin Gaye Jr. III, The Temptations, Bobby Womack, Coke Escovedo, Walter Becker and Don Fagan, Steve Arrington, The Family Stone, Bonnie Raitt, Leon Russel, Dave Mason, Sammy Hagar, Motown Records, Gabriel Hasselbach, Jeff Lorber, and Paul Hardcastle.
Rock wrote and produced music for the Electronic Arts game "The Sims" with over 150 million games sold.  He has also enjoyed living in Hawaii for over 20 years performing and recording with a number of Hoku award winning Hawaiian artists such as Cicilio and Kapono, The Cazimero Brothers, Music Magic, Nohelani Cypriano, Azure McCall, Kalapana, and Tenyson, Stevons..
Since 2009, Rock has recorded over 30 songs with Paul Hardcastle and has had nine Billboard #1 smooth jazz hits.  Rock is playing sax with Paul on yet another upcoming album to be released at the end of 2016. Rock is debuting his first solo album "Can't Let Go" to be released by Trippin 'n Rhythm Records on July 22, 2016.

Can't Let Go

Lou Pomanti - Welcome to the Boogaloo Lounge

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 46:17
Size: 108,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Jazz/Funk/Hammond Organ
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Boogaloo Lounge - 4:38
 2. In Orbit - 3:44
 3. Give It Up - 3:28
 4. Loving You (Feat. Dione Taylor, Duane Blackburn) - 5:04
 5. Cherry And Ebony - 2:04
 6. Yonge St. 1962 - 3:52
 7. The Big Smoke - 4:32
 8. Blues-A-Loo - 4:02
 9. In Loving Memory - 0:43
10. After Hours - 6:40
11. Hey Everybody - 5:13
12. After Hours Reprise - 2:12

As one of Canada’s foremost keyboard players Lou toured the world with Blood Sweat and Tears and recorded with Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, Platinum Blonde, Triumph, Jeff Healy and Kim Mitchell. As well, Lou has worked for producers Phil Ramone and Bob Rock. He produced “Soul Ballads” the recent David Clayton-Thomas album on Universal and orchestrated strings and horns on six tracks for Michael Buble’s biggest selling album, Crazy Love.
Lou has been the musical director of The Gemini Awards, the Juno Awards, and The Genie Awards. He was an award winning musical director for the Canadian Songwriters’ Hall of Fame which inducted Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and Paul Anka and which featured Lou’s arrangements being performed by Herbie Hancock, James Taylor and Michael Buble. Lou also composed the music suite for the closing ceremony of this year’s Pan Am Games in Guadalajara Mexico.
As a film and television composer he has written and produced the soundtrack music for features, dramatic series, comedy series, animated series, reality series and documentaries representing nearly every era and genre. Lou also produced and arranged the music for the Rush video which they used to open each concert on their recent tour. As well, in order to supply a full package service for his clients, Lou, with multi award winning producer/engineer Jeff Wolpert (http://www.jeffwolpert.com ) has just opened a full service recording studio conveniently located in downtown Toronto.
Lou has just released his first solo album of original work called Welcome to the Boogaloo Lounge for his own label LPMusic Records. Welcome to the Boogaloo Lounge is a funky tribute to the soul and r&b sounds that dominated Toronto’s Yonge Street in the 1960’s. Primarily a driving funk and instrumental album nonetheless there are a couple of standout vocal tracks. Track #3, Give It Up, is a saucy Stax like r&b romp but the standout vocal track is #4, Loving You, the gorgeous, steamy ballad sung by Dione Taylor and Duane Blackburn, two of Toronto’s most authentic soul singers. It pays homage to the great duets from Motown and Philadelphia. The album is available on Itunes, through the Indie Pool in Toronto (www.indiepool.com), or at the Sunrise Records chain.
Lou Pomanti is one of the behind-the-scenes people that make events happen. Since being invited by David Clayton-Thomas to join Blood, Sweat & Tears in 1980, he’s been a Gemini award-winning TV show arranger, film scorer and producer. There’s much more in the bio at his web site. He was out in public for a while, however, as the B3 player for The Dexters, who had a regular gig at the Orbit Room. He’s found time to record a tribute to those days, putting the band back together for Welcome To The Boogaloo Lounge, his pet name for the Room. His ‘day job’ has had an impact here, though: he’s developed a concept album, using similar chord structures throughout. Bernie LaBarge returns on guitar, Peter Cardinali on bass and Larnell Lewis took Mike Sloski’s place on drums. Art Avalos adds percussion and Jake Langley sits in on guitar for three songs. Pomanti adds synths and programming to his B3 and piano for a fully contemporary edge but the full sound is still primarily organ-based. After a couple of instrumentals that set the scene, “The Boogaloo Lounge” and “In Orbit”, LaBarge takes a vocal on “Give It Up”. Pomanti then inserts a lovely ballad, “Loving You”, a duet sung by Dione Taylor & Duane Blackburn. After these, it’s back to the hot, funky organ band nights at the Orbit, updated, of course, with great variety and played wonderfully.

Welcome to the Boogaloo Lounge

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Brian Young - Brian Young

Size: 112,2 MB
Time: 48:21
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2010
Styles: Blues
Label: Tate Music Group
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
1. Ghost Man - 5:19
2. Early Morning Blues - 3:26
3. Sweet As Can Be - 4:39
4. Mr. Blue - 5:33
5. Get The Hell Out - 3:34
6. Hey Sugar - 6:07
7. Dancing And Singing - 4:57
8. Casino Blues - 5:18
9. Make Me Pay - 5:08
10. Guitar Kings - 4:15

Brian Young is self-taught guitarist /vocalist,and songwritter from E. St. Louis. His influences include BB King, Jimi Hendrix, and The Beatles. Brian plays the blues on the electric guitar, his sound is clean and his music is soothing and enjoyable. Brian's goals are to keep the blues alive and to keep making good music. You can catch one of Brian's live performances at www.brianyoung.mysite.com.

Brian Young 

Rex Smith - Sooner or Later

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1979
Time: 32:37
Size: 75,0 MB
Label: Columbia
Styles: Pop Rock/Soft Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. You Take My Breath Away - 3:11
 2. Sooner or Later - 2:53
 3. Simply Jessie - 3:05
 4. Better Than It's Ever Been Before - 4:02
 5. Love Street - 2:55
 6. Never Gonna Give You Up - 2:56
 7. Sway - 3:07
 8. Oh What A Night For Romance - 3:06
 9. Ain't That Peculiar - 3:38
10. If You Think You Know How To Love Me - 3:40

Singer Rex Smith came to the fame as the heartthrob lead of the 1979 NBC-TV movie Sooner or Later. His same-named LP is basically a soundtrack album featuring the pop/rock songs he performed in the movie. The Bobby Hart/Stephen Lawrence ballad "You Take My Breath Away" was issued as a single. It went gold, reaching number ten on the pop charts in the summer of 1979. It can be found on Rhino's Super Hits of the '70s: Have a Nice Day, Vol. 22. Other highlights were "Better Than It's Ever Been Before," "Simply Jessie," and "Never Gonna Give You Up." Smith with Rachel Sweet had a 1981 Top 32 pop hit with a duet cover of the Buzz Cason/Mac Gayden song "Everlasting Love" (Soft Love, Vol. 5,Hot Duets). After hosting a season of Solid Gold with Marilyn McCoo, Smith returned to Broadway

Sooner or Later

Brim - Above The Ruins

Bitrate: VBR ~222K/s
Year: 2006
Time: 27:05
Size: 47,2 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Hard Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Megiddo Intro - 1:24
 2. What If - 4:54
 3. Why - 4:51
 4. Truth - 6:20
 5. About you - 3:28
 6. Egypt - 6:06

This CD combines crunchy drum beats with powerful grinding guitars and great vocals. If you are a fan of Christian hard rock, this is a CD you will want to add to your collection today.
When most Christians talk to a person that is lost the Christian usually makes the comment I know how you feel. Let's be honest, most of the time that is not the case. The members of BRIM come from broken homes, broken relationships and broken bands. Each member is a true living testimony to what God can do in your life if you will just ask.
BRIM started out with founding members Jack Belcher and Barry Gregory in 2003 as a praise band. Mike Wines joined the band in 2004 and BRIM went from a praise band to a Christian hard rock band writing its own material. In 2005 Dale Johnson came on board and the band's line-up was set.
BRIM's purpose is to reign in the head bangers for Jesus in this generation and those to come. People need to know that you can be a Christian no matter what genre of music you love.

Above The Ruins

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Kid Dynamite - Kid Dynamite

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1976
Time: 36:55
Size: 84,7 MB
Label: Cream
Styles: Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Shotgun - 2:43
 2. Feel A Whole Lot Better - 3:29
 3. Uphill Peace Of Mind - 4:16
 4. Lovin' Don't Last Forever - 3:30
 5. Music Man - 4:48
 6. Everything's Gonna Be Alright - 3:54
 7. Turn The World Upside Down - 3:56
 8. Mysterious Ways - 3:33
 9. Reach Out For Love - 3:21
10. Keep On Movin' - 3:21

Kid Dynamite is another one of those ultra mysterious bands whose story is murky at best. It is known that the band emerged in 1975 when two former members (bassist Dicky Thompson and drumer John King) of the Steve Miller Band decided it was time to strike out on their own. Vocalist Val Garcia and guitarist Michael Mallen were later added and Kid Dynamite was born. Opting for a label who would allow the band total control over their direction, the band signed with Alvin Bennett's Cream Records in late 1975 and began working on their self-titled debut with producer Hal Winn at the helm. "Kid Dynamite" was released in January of 1976, but flagging sales and little label support abruptly killed the band at the conclusion of the year. Very little is known about the members post-split activities, though Michael Mallen is rumoured to be teaching guitar in California.
This elusive gem is one that is often discussed in collector circles, but rarely ever recognized as a musically viable effort. I beg to differ. "Kid Dynamite" is a dynamic exercise in genre splicing which works effectively from start to finish. Blending blues, hard rock, soul and funk, the band shows off their musical chops throughout, with a notably scorching effort from Dicky Thompson in particular. Sounding quite similar to Joey Newman's hard soul act, Bandit, the band merges the groove and conviction of classic funk with the forcefulness of 70's hard rock. The outcome is pretty spectacular and it's a real travesty that Kid Dynamite were merely a blip on the radar. Though this band is undoubtedly anonymous in all respects, some listeners may recognize the track "Uphill Peace of Mind", which was sampled and used by Dr. Dre (Nuttin But a G Thang) and Ultramagnetic MC's (Feelin' It) almost twenty years ago.
This one comes highly recommended for fans of soulful hard rock. This tweaked and cleaned vinyl transfer should satisfy ardent lovers of obscure 70's rock. Dig it...

Kid Dynamite

Face Dancer - This World

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1979
Time: 32:07
Size: 73,6 MB
Label: Capitol Records
Styles: Rock
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Red Shoes - 2:29
 2. Can't Stand Still - 2:37
 3. Change - 3:39
 4. If I Could Kiss You - 3:18
 5. The Sphinx - 3:33
 6. Cry Baby - 4:57
 7. Heart's At Home - 2:47
 8. Hard To Please - 2:46
 9. Time Bomb - 3:20
10. When You Said - 2:36

Carey Kress - lead vocals
Jeff Adams - lead guitar
David Utter - guitar, vocals
Scott McGinn - bass, keyboards, vocals
Billy Trainor - drums

Originally released to widespread indifference in 1979, Face Dancer's eclectic debut album, This World, effectively fell into a gaping stylistic chasm. Part hard rock, part pomp rock, part glam rock, and part power pop, its songs simply spanned too wide a sonic gamut to connect with any given audience within the band's reach, and seemingly left Face Dancer's label perplexed as to how they should go about promoting such a band as well. Should they have chased the glitter rock audience with handclapping, foot-stomping chants like "Red Shoes" and "Time Bomb," which betray the Kim Fowley connection that helped get them signed to Capitol in the first pace? Should they have angled for the more discerning crowds just discovering the genius of Cheap Trick at the time with infectious power pop confections like "Can't Stand Still," "If I Could Kiss You," and the Big Star-like "Heart at Home"? Should they have targeted the blue-collar rockers at the corner bar with Spartan hard rockers like "The Sphinx" and "Hard to Please"? Or, finally, should they have gone for broke behind the Queen-sized pomp and circumstance achieved by power ballads "Cry Baby" and "When You Said" or the aptly named "Change," which teases with Beatlesque psych whimsy before undergoing a lupine transformation into a heavy rock carnivore? In the end, both band and label could do none of the above (or at least very little of it), and so Face Dancer's commercial doom was sealed almost before the vinyl grooves on this first effort had cooled and shipped out of the factory, heading straight into cutout bins across North America.

This World

Rita Engedalen - Chapels And Bars

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 41:59
Size: 96,4 MB
Label: Bluestown
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Chapels And Bars - 4:09
 2. Lord I Feel Better - 2:20
 3. My Hill Country Blues - 3:05
 4. He Walked Away - 3:21
 5. Sara's Kitchen - 4:05
 6. Last Talk - 4:06
 7. House Of Shame - 3:35
 8. She Rocked The Cradle Of The Blues - 3:06
 9. Don't Mess With My Man - 2:43
10. Ball And Chain - 3:52
11. Holy Land - 4:47
12. Bless The Hours - Epilogue - 2:44

She's Norway's strongest female blues singer. Her music,  and  her vocal style, both are the real deal.  And  she knows how to put some local colors into her music. Superb recording, music from acoustic to rough-rocking Delta style. Great backing, too. This great set of tunes should help open doors for her on Europe's continent. - Digipak w/ booklet.  RITA   ENGEDALEN  - voc/acoustic gtr, MORTEN OMLID - gtrs, JENS HAUGEN - bass, ESKIL AASOAND - drums. Special guests: SVEN ZETTERBERG - gtr/voc, BJORN BERGE - National steel gtr.

Chapels And Bars

понедельник, 25 июля 2016 г.

The Silos - Heater

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1998
Time: 45:53
Size: 105,4 MB
Label: Checkered Past Records
Styles: Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Prison Song - 3:57
 2. Northern Lights - 3:55
 3. Thanks a  Million - 3:19
 4. Eleanora - 3:09
 5. Angels - 3:48
 6. Arms of the Sea - 4:33
 7. Front Porch - 3:52
 8. I Like You - 3:36
 9. Stoplight - 4:18
10. Mom Out Dancing - 3:13
11. Cold Hands of Fate - 4:56
12. Away - 3:14

Perhaps the least guitar-rock Silos record ever, Heater sounds as though it was built from the rhythm bed up. Nearly every song grows out of an opening groove, whether it be the quick rabbit's-heart thump that pushes an escaping narrator onward in "Prison Song" or the fragile, spare beats that help characters pass the time--or come to terms with its passing--in "Thanks a Million" or "Front Porch." As with any Silos record--and this one's among the group's two or three finest--the songs are the point of the thing, and Walter Salas-Humara's latest batch, written with a handful of collaborators, draws his characters' emotions with the economy and expertise of a great short-story writer, like Raymond Carver with a rhythm section.


четверг, 21 июля 2016 г.

Euge Groove - Still Euge

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 55:03
Size: 126,3 MB
Label: Shanachie Entertainment
Styles: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Twelfth Night - 5:37
 2. Still Euge [feat. Chuck Loeb] - 5:15
 3. Coffee And A Kiss - 4:32
 4. Another Perfect Moment  [feat. Peter White] - 5:57
 5. Much Love [feat. Rahsaan Patterson] - 4:25
 6. Let's Chill - 5:54
 7. And I Thank You (Mom and Dad) - 4:16
 8. Push It Forward [feat. Adam Hawley] - 5:02
 9. Love, Passion and Joy - 6:11
10. Flower [feat. Oleta Adams] - 6:34
11. And I Thank You (Reprise) - 1:14

Euge Groove is back with his tenth album and his fifth for Shanachie Entertainment. His new album Still Euge (2016) is a commitment to his musical roots, the genre with which he is grown and his own person as professional musician. His album is among the elaborately produced. Under the surrounding countless musicians are Tracey Carter and Cassandra O'Neal (Rhodes, piano), Cornelius "Corny" Mims (bass), Chuck Loeb, Peter White, Paul Jackson Jr., John "Jubu" Smith and Adam Hawley (guitars), Trevor Lawrence and Dan Needham (drums), Lenny Castro (percussion), Rahsan Patterson and Oleta Adams (vocals), Lee Thornburg (trumpet, French horn), Nick Lane (trombone), Phillipe Saisse (strings). When spiritual loveliness is a tone, then Euge Groove hits it right on the opening Twelfth Night. His soprano sax sounds like a joyful singing bird, completely unbridled, no compromising, but exuberant in its transgression. The title song takes off with a jamming B3 before Euge blows his tenor sax. Making old school to something new or carrying the flame of jam into the future is his intention. Indian Tablas rhythm meets Western soprano sax on the slow swaying Coffee And A Kiss. Perfect Moment (1998) was my first Peter White album, a sonic gold nugget. Peter and Euge are performing on many live shows together. So the door is open for Another Perfect Moment featuring Peter White on nylon string guitar, the essence of a professional connectivity.
The soulful Much Love features singer Rahsaan Patterson who shines with breathtaking voice and intelligent vocal arrangement. R&B music with extraordinary depth. Let's Chill jumps the bandwagon with the emotive word. Euge allures with known smooth jazz flavor. And I Thank You (Mom And Dad) is obviously a matter truly dear to Euge's heart, his family deserves this wonderful musical tribute. Push It Forward is not the reinvention of the wheel. Euge is successful and comfortable in his stylistic skin and the soprano sax is a soft brush with which one can perfectly paint colorful melodies. Guitarist Adam Hawley brings a raw note into the song. On Love, Passion And Joy Euge and Lee Thornburg (East Bay Soul) create harmonized horn arrangements of the finest. Lee is always a valuable asset in the bargain. Oleta Adams, famous by the impassioned hit single Get Here, collaborates with Euge on Flower. Oleta Adams has mastered the transition from a singer to one of the brightest stars under America's jazz divas. And I Thank You (Reprise) reawakes the warm organic feeling of a true family. With Still Euge saxophonist Euge Groove stays faithfully to his solid smooth jazz style. Groove is the pinnacle of his game, but opening new horizons would illuminate his future artistic path.

Still Euge

David Clayton-Thomas - A Blues For The New World

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 55:32
Size: 127,3 MB
Label: Antoinette Music Productions Ltd.
Styles: Blue eyed soul-blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. A Blues For The New World - 4:49
 2. Second Chance - 5:18
 3. Calico Girl - 4:01
 4. Common Ground - 3:39
 5. Itr's All So L.A. - 4:43
 6. Politics - 3:28
 7. Sounds So Sweet - 4:58
 8. Holy Moses - 4:43
 9. Frank And Margie - 4:16
10. It Ain't Free - 3:43
11. What If I Told You - 4:25
12. The Sky's The Limit - 4:15
13. The Lights On Broadway - 3:08

The great thing about blues music is that it is timeless. It’s a given that all rock music is based on the blues and that even though current music is trend-oriented, there is always room for a great blues record. A Blues For The New World is just such a record! Yes you know David Clayton-Thomas as the frontman for Blood Sweat & Tears, the band that triggered a blues renaissance in 1968 with a self-titled album that sold over 10 million copies and opened the doors for the likes of Chicago and Lighthouse. Fast forward some 35 years and DCT is still making great records. This 13-song collection runs the full gamut of Memphis-R&B (`What If I Told You), New Orleans jazz (`Calico Girl), Gospel (`Holy Moses’) LA Blues (`It’s All In LA’) Reggae (`Politics’) and even some Rock N Roll – Hip Hop (`The Sky’s The Limit) capped off by a moving tribute to the 9/11 tragedy with `The Lights Of Broadway’. Supported by stand-out musical contributions by the likes of harp player Roly Platt, jazz guitarist Bernie LaBarge, pianist Rob Gusevs, an excellent horn section plus some dazzling vocal support by acapella group Cadence and two stand-out contributions from the 40-voice Faith Chorale, Clayton-Thomas melds all these ingredients together with his own distinctive vocal style plus song lyrics that are current and relevant. He sings about personal intrusions on the internet (It Ain’t Free), shady politicians (‘Politics’) the misery of unemployment (`Frank And Margie’) along with personal lyrics like his near death on `Second Chance’ and a poignant message to his daughter on `Common Ground’. Overall a brilliant production which modernizes traditional sounds while reflecting on the past glories of great horn bands like BS&T, Chicago and Lighthouse.

A Blues For The New World

среда, 20 июля 2016 г.

Brad Wilson - Power Blues Guitar Live

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 70:01
Size: 160,6 MB
Label: Cali Bee Music Inc
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Got My Mojo Working - 4:20
 2. I'm Tore Down - 5:38
 3. I Can't Quit You Baby - 8:11
 4. All Kinds Of A Fool - 3:27
 5. Born Under A Bad Sign - 3:11
 6. Sweet Home Chicago - 6:23
 7. Slide On Over - 3:21
 8. I Just Want To Make Love To You - 8:46
 9. Shemoves Me - 5:54
10. Standin' Around Cryin' - 8:16
11. Black Coffee At Sunrise - 3:07
12. Stormy Monday - 5:20
13. I'm Still Breathing - 4:00

"Brad Wilson is widely recognized as one of the best new bluesrock guitarists of our time! Power Blues Guitar LIVE is the follow up CD to the critically acclaimed 2015 studio release Blues Thunder!
"Brad Wilson is widely recognized as one of the best new bluesrock guitarists of our time!
Power Blues Guitar LIVE is the follow up CD to the critically acclaimed 2015 studio release Blues Thunder by California guitar slinger Brad Wilson. Power Blues Guitar LIVE is a raw, unpolished live track CD featuring nine famous blues songs paying homage to some of the old blues greats like Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. Brad takes each song and with loving care transforms them into his own with smokin' hot guitar licks and a superb rhythm section making this CD a complete tribute to the masters of the blues.

Power Blues Guitar Live

Blindside Blues Band - Journey to the Stars

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 61:07
Size: 141,9 MB
Label: Grooveyard Records
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Journey To The Stars - 4:27
 2. Rock N' Roll Is My Life - 4:41
 3. Smokehouse Row - 5:20
 4. Calling My Name - 5:34
 5. Freight Train - 6:10
 6. I'm On Fire - 4:09
 7. Shadow In My Dreams - 4:17
 8. Fly On High - 6:14
 9. Rolling Down The Highway - 5:17
10. Sign Of The Times - 6:59
11. 79 Cent Blues - 7:52


Journey to the Stars

Sloan - Smeared

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1992
Time: 46:30
Size: 106,7 MB
Label: Geffen
Styles: Alt.Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Underwhelmed - 4:43
 2. Raspberry - 4:01
 3. I Am The Cancer - 3:41
 4. Median Strip - 3:35
 5. Take It In - 3:58
 6. 500 Up - 4:19
 7. Marcus Said - 4:31
 8. Sugartune - 3:32
 9. Left Of Centre - 2:31
10. Lemonzinger - 4:11
11. Two Seater - 3:03
12. What's There To Decide? - 4:20

Jay Ferguson - Guitars, Vocals;
Patrick Pentland - Guitars, Vocals, Bass;
Chris Murphy - Bass, Vocals;
Andrew Scott -  Drums, Vocals, Guitar.
Jennifer Pierce - Additional Vocals

Sloan began life with Peppermint, an indie-produced (oh does it sound it!) power pop album. Three of its songs were cleaned up, re-recorded, and included on this major label debut. 'Marcus Said' ("...or at least he might have said" as the song cheekily intones) chugs along lazily, with an ethereal vocal track. Its scratchy guitars can sometimes be jarring, but it rocks nonetheless. 'Sugartune' is aptly named. Sticky sweet, it's built around a simple power-chord riff. "I wrote for you this sugartune to help you through what you've gotta do," it states simply enough. A pop song with desires to better the world -- a noble concept. But the killer carryover from Peppermint is the lead track, 'Underwhelmed'. It opens with ominous end-of-the-world guitar feedback and a melodic killer hook: "She was underwhelmed if that's a word/I know it's not cause I looked it up/that's one of those skills I learned in my school". Once the drums kick in, the song's narrator is correcting his girl's grammar, dodging her dirty looks, and realizing that she's a heartless bitch. And that's all before the first chorus! It's the classic boy-meets-girl/boy-loses-girl/boy-misses-the-point pop song. And as always Chris Murphy (bass/vox) has such fun with his lyrics. You've got to love a song where the narrator, upon reading an autobiographical story about his girl's life, only says, "affection has two F's, especially when you're dealing with me". And the love interest rolls her eyes in the first verse, and rolls her R's in the last. This is still my fave Sloan song.
The rest of the album fails to measure up, though. There are some good moments, such as 'I Am The Cancer', 'Take It In' (which does Nirvana proud with it's soft verse/loud chorus structure), and '500 Up' (which features a nifty little bass breakdown). But the remainder of the disc relies too heavily on guitar distortion rather than melody. Sloan would later realize that all four members are exquisite songwriters, and they didn't have to rely as heavily on the fine work of Mr. Murphy. Thus, the later albums are jam-packed with great tunes. Here, the latter half of the album is filler. Doesn't matter, though. 'Underwhelmed' is worth the price of admission on its own.


вторник, 19 июля 2016 г.

Big Fat Mama - Twenty-Five Years Old

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004/2016
Time: 50:03
Size: 117,2 MB
Label: New LM Records
Styles: Blues/Chicago Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tore Down - 4:44
 2. Desert Room - 4:33
 3. I Used To Have A Band - 3:51
 4. Good Mornin' Little School Girl - 5:05
 5. Livin' With The Blues - 3:06
 6. Mercedes Benz - 3:30
 7. Big Fat Shuffle Pat Two - 2:15
 8. Just A Little Bit - 2:55
 9. Promise To Myself - 4:08
10. Feel So Bad - 4:31
11. Darlene - 3:48
12. Use What You Got - 7:30

The band born from an idea of Piero De Luca, (bass player and singer), in the distant 1979, together with Giampiero Esposito (what group shoulder drums), Fiorenzo Bodellini (harp), Elio Arlandi (guitar): the band shows during a concert of Roberto Ciotti and Fabio Treves in Genova 1982; in 1982 it plays also in Cergy, near Paris, on invitation of a cultural circle.
After different changes, from 1985 the band acquires a stable order with Peter De Luca (bas), Paolo Bonfanti (guitar and voice), Mauro Mura (drums) and Maurizio Renda (guitar and voice).
From this moment BIG FAT MAMA is considered one of the most important band of the Italian scene; besides the concerts in the main italian clubs, they collaborated and shared the stage with famous blues artists (opening act for the concert of Johnny Winter in the Milan Blues Festival, for Stevie Ray Vaughan and Los Lobos to the Palatrussardi Arena, tour with Louisiana Red, Eddie C. Campbell, Johnny Mars, Zora Young, and opening act for Screamin ' Jay Hawkins, Clifton Chenier Jr, Honeboy Edwards, Legendary Blues Band, Jimmy Rogers): the band is also mentioned on "Italian music Encyclopedia" by Renzo Arbore. The band, for Cobra Records label , print three Lp: "Good Hand Feelin", "West Of where" and the double one live "Let Us Live" which marks the end of the collaboration with Paolo Bonfanti that will undertake soloist career: he will be replaced by Carlo Ratto (soloist voice) and Fabrizio Moroni (keyboards).
To remember with this formation the exhibition to the "Courmayeur Blues Festival" nearby to "Albert Collins and the Icebreakers." After the great success of the switzerland/italian tour, the band in 1992 begins a collaboration with the American harper Johnny Mars; in the same year Maurizio Renda leaves the band and is replaced by Alessio Menconi (now with Paolo Conte).
With this new formation the band participates in numerous European festivals sharing the stage with James Cotton, Magic Slim, Sherman Robertson, Little Willie Littlefield and with Johnny Mars and Robert Plant (ex Led Zeppelin) the band has participated to the "Pistoia Blues Festival".
From 1994 to the 2001 Piero De Luca and Maurizio Renda are devoted to other musical experiences:
Piero De Luca creates together with Carlo Ratto the "Burnin' Tubes" with whom has recorded two albums: "The Road" and "New Orleans Bound" together with the harper of Louisiana Jay Monque D
Maurizio Renda creates "Blackberries Trouble Band" with whom participates to the recording of the cd "For you-Tribute to Bruce Springsteen"/ In 2002 Piero De Luca and Maurizio Renda decided together with Carlo Ratto and Giampiero Esposito to take back the project Big Fat Mama realizing the album of the return "Goin ' Back Home" that it is the logical continuation and evolution of the precedents jobs of the band.

Twenty-Five Years Old

Ken Whiteley - One World Dance

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 46:25
Size: 106,9 MB
Label: Borealis Records
Styles: Contemporary blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Everybody Has The Blues - 3:12
 2. Get At - 3:41
 3. Going To Be - 4:26
 4. Lunch Counter Encounter - 3:47
 5. Death Letter Blues - 3:31
 6. Still Can't Believe You're Gone - 3:46
 7. Two Wings - 3:00
 8. One World Dance - 5:47
 9. November - 3:13
10. That's When I Need A Song - 4:32
11. Trying To Find My Way - 3:47
12. That's Alright - 3:37

This recording is firmly rooted in the blues tradition and at the same time takes the music places it’s never been. This twelve song disc showcases Ken’s original, blues based songs with a few reworkings of traditional pieces added for good measure. Winner of FMO Song From the Heart in the Blues Category and nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award.
Songs: Everybody Has The Blues, Get At, Going To Be, Lunch Counter Encounter, Death Letter Blues, Still Cant Believe that Youre Gone, Two Wings, One World Dance, November, Thats When I Need A Song, Trying To Find My Way, Thats Alright.
Musicians: This cd features an all-star cast including Juno winning pianist Joe Sealy, legendary guitarist Amos Garrett, and a rhythm section of Bucky Berger on drums and Ben Whiteley on electric and stand up bass. It includes contributions by some of Canada’s outstanding world music practitioners like Cubas Mario del Monte on percussion, Mark Mosca on steel drums and a horn section of the incredible Sarah McElcheran and Colleen Allen.

One World Dance

Calabash Blues & Boogie Band - Truckin' the Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 49:03
Size: 114,3 MB
Label: Flyin' Cloud Records
Styles:  Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I'll Go Crazy - 2:30
 2. Keep Your Motor Running - 3:37
 3. I've Got Dreams To Remember - 6:05
 4. Too Many Tears - 4:54
 5. Sleeping In the Ground - 3:46
 6. Little By Little - 4:06
 7. Low Down - 3:37
 8. Moon Dance - 5:07
 9. Them Changes - 3:40
10. Unchain My Heart - 4:49
11. Who's Been Talking - 3:07
12. I Need Your Love In My Life - 3:39

Keith McMannes - vocal
Taylor Rorrer - lead guitar
Doug Rorrer - lead guitar
Ron Winn - bass
Barry Parker - keyboards
Ken Jones - drums

Truckin’ the Blues is the third release by the Calabash Blues & Boogie Band that call home the North Carolina / Virginia area of Eden, NC. Their first two releases had yielded several top 10 songs on Fessa John Hook’s syndicated radio shows, Rhythm & Beach Top 40 and also his Roadhouse Blues & Boogie Top 40. We hope to repeat that traditions with this collection of rhythm & blues songs.
All the band members have come from backgrounds of rhythm , beach, blues, & roots music with credits including being members of former bands that have opened for or played with the likes of the Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose to Percy Sledge.
Band members include the 2 father & son duos of Doug & Taylor Rorrer on guitars and also John and Jesse Finney on bass and drums. On organ & keyboard is “king of the keyboard“, Barry Parker. Rounding out the group, is the anchor, which is the soulful voice of Tony Smith.
Special thanks to guest vocalist, Ginger Waynick on Too Many Tears and Steve Neal, guest saxophonist on Dreams to Remember.
Recorded at Flyin’ Cloud Studio, Ratatat Sounds Recording Studio, and Buddy Black Studio.
Photograpy: Ed Campbell & Faye Hill
Thanks to Russell Hill for the use of the truck & garage.
Listen & enjoy (and tell your friends about us).

Truckin' the Blues

понедельник, 18 июля 2016 г.

John Blues Boyd - The Real Deal

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 44:54
Size: 103,3 MB
Label: Little Village Foundation
Styles: Blues/Juke Joint Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Am The Real Deal - 3:58
 2. You Will Discover - 2:33
 3. I'm Like A Stranger To You - 3:31
 4. That's Big! - 3:24
 5. The Smoking Pig - 2:55
 6. That Certain Day - 2:52
 7. Dona Mae - 3:09
 8. I'm So Weak Right Now - 4:01
 9. When Your Eyes Met Mine - 3:19
10. Screaming In The Night - 4:28
11. (Have You Ever Been To) Marvin Gardens - 3:52
12. Be Careful With Your Gardens - 3:15
13. John, The Blues Is Calling You - 3:31

John "Blues" Boyd earned his middle name the hard way. John's music and the man himself are throwbacks to a more difficult, but also a more honest and straightforward era.
John "Blues" Boyd earned his middle name the hard way. John's music and the man himself are throwbacks to a more difficult, but also a more honest and straightforward era. Cousins to bluesman Eddie Boyd and former Boston Red Sox pitcher Dennis Ray “Oil Can” Boyd, John was born in Greenwood, MS, in 1945 and began working the delta cotton fields at seven years of age. While working in the fields, people would hear John sing and tell him he should start a band. While he’d always had a great passion for singing, he hadn’t pursued it because, “I was out there working, trying to just afford a pair of shoes. Where am I gonna get a band? I struggled for a while. After I moved to Redwood City, I didn’t think anyone around here could play the low down blues until I met Kid Andersen and Jim Pugh.”
A hot tar roofer since moving to the Bay Area in the 1980s, Boyd took to caring for his ailing wife Dona Mae Moore from 2004 to 2014. During this time, he met Norwegian blues guitar wizard Kid Andersen who’s the owner of Greaseland Studios in San Jose, CA. When John’s beloved wife of 49 years Dona Mae, passed in 2014, he naturally turned to the refuge of the blues for solace. Anderson and Pugh recorded John’s debut album, The Real Deal, at Greaseland featuring all original songs written by John at the age of 71.

The Real Deal

Mississippi MacDonald & The Cottonmouth Kings - Dress For The Money

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 32:24
Size: 75,5 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Dress For The Money - 4:41
 2. Too Much, Too Little, Not Enough - 6:48
 3. Big Man, Red Suit - 3:38
 4. Blacksnake Brown - 3:35
 5. Even If It Makes Me Poor - 3:46
 6. This Old City - 5:09
 7. When It All Comes Down - 4:44

Dress For The Money is the third studio album from London's Mississippi MacDonald and the Cottonmouth Kings. Exciting, soulful and authentic blues, this is good time music that requires you to open up a cold one and crank that dial. All the way.

Dress For The Money

Ben Beckendorf - Misplaced Melodies

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 41:17
Size: 94,8 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Roots Rock/Texas Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Cotton Pillowcase (Feat. Monte Montgomery) - 4:25
 2. Back In Your Arms (Feat. Ponty Bone) - 3:10
 3. Lovenote (Feat. TJ Smith & Cass Moore) - 4:46
 4. Time To Let Her Go - 3:35
 5. Runaway (Feat. Riley Osbourn) - 5:13
 6. Texas Daydream (Feat. Reese Wynans) - 3:23
 7. Shoulda Known Better - 3:03
 8. My Love Doesn't Live Here (Feat. Monte Montgomery) - 2:39
 9. The Blues Walked In - 6:39
10. House On The Corner - 4:19

10 misplaced songs of Ben's recorded with a bunch of his musician buddies that were totally forgotten about. Most were recorded in the early 90's! Featuring Texas Musical legends Reese Wynans, Monte Montgomery, Terry Hale, Ponty Bone and more!
For the last couple of months my son Chris has been working on a CD project called Misplaced Melodies. It is 10 songs of mine recorded with a bunch of my musician buddies that were totally forgotten about. Most were recorded in the early 90's and were neglected when newer projects came out. Well..... marking the 25th anniversary of the recordings of the songs, Chris said "These songs need to be heard!" and decided to produce the project and get the songs out. He got the songs remastered and manufactured and the CD "Misplaced Melodies" was born! Featuring Texas musical legends Reese Wynans, Monte Montgomery, Terry Hale, Ponty Bone, Riley Osbourn and more!!

Misplaced Melodies

The Dick Hyman Trio - Swingin' Double Date

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1958
Time: 33:04
Size: 75,9 MB
Label: Mastercorp Pty Ltd (2009)
Styles: Hammond Organ/Easy Listening
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Way You Look Tonight - 3:04
 2. The Moon Was Yellow - 1:48
 3. Sleep - 2:17
 4. If I Had You - 2:32
 5. Look For The Silver Lining - 2:15
 6. Pleasure - 2:41
 7. Marv - 1:57
 8. (Lookie Lookie Lookie) Here Cdomes Cookie - 2:33
 9. All Too Soon - 2:43
10. Topsy - 2:53
11. Early Autumn - 8:15

This unusual album from the 1950s features Dick Hyman in two separate settings. Joined by bassist Eddie Safranski and drummer Don Lamond during both sessions, he sticks to piano on one side and organ on the other, though the record label labeled the piano tracks as organ (and vice versa). The organ tracks are less interesting, because Hyman is stuck playing an instrument that sounds more like the low-quality models sold in suburban malls during the 1960s. As a result, standards like "The Way You Look Tonight" and "If I Had You" lean more toward easy listening than jazz. The piano tracks are another story. Following the brisk original "Marv," Hyman delves into Duke Ellington's unjustly neglected ballad "All Too Soon," a crisp take of "Topsy," and Ralph Burns' gem written with Woody Herman, "Early Autumn." Long out of print, this Lion LP will be tough to locate.

Swingin' Double Date

Eric Hargett Trio - Steppin' Up (Feat. Joey DeFrancesco & Gerry Gibbs)

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 56:56
Size: 132,2 MB
Label: Whaling City Sound
Styles: Jazz/Hard Bop/Hammond Organ
Art: Front + Back

Tracks Listing:
 1. Steppin' Up - 3:59
 2. West - 6:02
 3. Hackensack (Feat. Hamilton Price) - 3:39
 4. Woody's Dream - 4:13
 5. Baretta - 6:12
 6. You Don't Know What Love Is - 7:18
 7. Brunswick Avenue - 5:04
 8. Pacific Voyage - 5:43
 9. Myra's Song - 6:39
10. Sunday Fog - 8:02

"Listening to the blustery baritone sax lines on the opening track from his auspicious debut as a leader, one might get the idea that Eric Hargett is mining the same soul jazz/hard bop territory that bari ace Ronnie Cuber established with the George Benson Quartet on 1966's Cookbook. That potent Cuberesque quality on the title track is only the beginning of this musical journey showcasing the rising star saxophonist in the company of drummer and longtime colleague / Whaling City Sound label-mate Gerry Gibbs and Hammond B-3 organ killer Joey DeFrancesco. Recorded in just one day in Hargett's home base of Los Angeles, Steppin' Up reveals a saxophonist who is comfortable in a myriad of settings, from 70s styled funk to burning bebop, real-deal blues and lyrical ballads. There's even a touch of drum & bass thrown into the mix on this ambitious outing. And savvy veterans Gibbs and DeFrancesco are flexible enough to provide just the right feel in every setting."

Steppin' Up

Dan Pratt Organ Quartet - Springloaded

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 57:11
Size: 131,1 MB
Label: Sunny Sky Records
Styles: Jazz/Bebop/Mainstream Jazz/Hammond Organ
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Grapple with the Apple - 6:34
 2. 20-20 - 4:43
 3. Did You See What I Saw? - 7:04
 4. Still Steamin' - 7:32
 5. House of Cards - 6:34
 6. Blues with a Limp - 5:38
 7. The Other End - 5:11
 8. Moraga - 7:26
 9. Who Knew? - 6:26

Fronted by sax and bone, and backed by Hammond organ and drums, this fresh take on a traditional instrumentation features all original compositions and some heavy blowing by four of New York's top up-and-coming jazz musicians.
DPOQ, as it's named on the cover of Springloaded, stands for the Dan Pratt Organ Quartet, a smokin' band led by tenor saxophonist Dan Pratt. DPOQ draws upon the foundations of organ jazz as set by Jimmy Smith and Larry Young, using modern compositional forms to create up-to-the-minute jazz that combines invention and swing. The members of DPOQ are young and they take no prisoners.
Pratt exemplifies the approach of DPOQ. He composed most of the tunes on Springloaded , using challenging and unorthodox formal devices. Yet the tunes are accessible and melodic, and some of them, such as the up-tempo burner "Who Knew," have the potential to become jazz standards. On tenor sax, Pratt has a huge, warm sound, and he improvises creatively and aggressively. He might play against the rhythm, and more often, he digs in and swings, as on "Blues With A Limp."
Organist Jared Gold demonstrates firm footwork, maintaining solid bass lines even as he negotiates the intricate forms of the tunes, such as the odd-meter funk that's part of "Still Steamin." He seems to be developing a personal style based in Larry Young, including Young's lighter touch, and he solos effectively throughout. Alan and Mark Ferber happen to be identical twins, and they're also excellent musicians. Alan can go outside, blare, riff, or bop like J.J. Johnson. Mark keeps swinging time even through the most complex situations.
But DPOQ's strongest asset might be its unity, its band sound. This is a working band, with deep interplay, and when Pratt and Alan Ferber improvise collectively, their lines intertwine with remarkable clarity.The result is Springloaded, a fine debut by a band to watch. ~AAJ Staff
Personnel: Dan Pratt, tenor saxophone; Alan Ferber, trombone; Jared Gold, organ; Mark Ferber, drums.


Mick Kolassa - Taylor Made Blues

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 48:09
Size: 110,4 MB
Label: Swingsuit
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Baby Faced Louise - 3:04
 2. Taylor Made Blues - 5:12
 3. Prison Song - 4:15
 4. I'm Getting Late - 2:51
 5. In The Day - 3:47
 6. With Friends Like Mine - 4:06
 7. Lungs - 4:29
 8. Keep A Goin' - 3:07
 9. Left Too Soon - 5:38
10. Can't Get Next To You - 3:31
11. My Hurry Done Broke - 3:43
12. Raul Was My Friend - 4:21

Like my previous blues albums, Jeff Jensen produced Taylor Made Blues and sweat blood while coordinating the work. Also like my previous work, all the proceeds for the sales of this record will go to the Blues Foundation. This new record has even more variety than the previous ones. I called it Taylor Made Blues because living in Taylor Mississippi has allowed me to be more in touch with myself – to get a better handle on what’s important, and I wanted to share some of that with you. I have brought in some old friends to help out, especially Jeff Jensen and Bill Ruffino – who continue to be the musical backbone of my work, along with trusted allies James Cunningham, Chris Stephenson, Eric Hughes, Victor Wainwright, and Reba Russell, who have once again brought their special magic to my musical ideas.
I’m also joined by some other special friends on this album: “Long Tall” Deb Landolt and Colin John came to Memphis to spend a few days adding their immense talent to the mix; my “nephew” the Mississippi Blues Child Castro (Mr. Sipp) Coleman joined in to add some special guitar playing on a tune; and the amazing Tullie Brae stopped on her way through town to add some vocal help. That’s money no matter how you look at it, and I’m richer because of these great and talented friends.

Taylor Made Blues

Dark Horse Flyer - Hotel Paradise

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 47:58
Size: 110,0 MB
Label: Florida Street Records
Styles: Southern Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Breezin' - 3:11
 2. Coconut Jive - 3:52
 3. High Five - 5:41
 4. Monroe County Line - 3:01
 5. Out Of Time - 3:44
 6. South Miami Midnight - 4:38
 7. Mambo Mama - 4:46
 8. You Don't Play Nice - 3:24
 9. A Car With Fins - 4:01
10. Highway 27 - 3:54
11. If I Could Get You Alone - 7:40

Dark Horse Flyer is an American blues rock musical sextet based in South Florida. The band has a three-guitar frontline, and the line-up since their 2011 founding has included Don Mularz (lead vocals, guitar), Scott Lane (guitar, vocals), John Tillman (guitar), Richard Taylor (bass), Raul Hernandez (drums), and Bob Taylor (keyboards). Their debut album Breakaway was released on September 30, 2014, with Bill Meredith for the Palm Beach Post naming it one of his noteworthy "favorite local 2014 CDs. The band continues to perform as of 2015 in locales such as Boca Raton, Florida and Miami.

Hotel Paradise

воскресенье, 17 июля 2016 г.

Mary Stallings - I Waited For You

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1994
Time: 60:46
Size: 141,0 MB
Label: Concord Records
Styles: Jazz/ Jazz Vocal
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Where Or When - 4:40
 2. Love Dance - 6:16
 3. I Waited For You - 5:27
 4. Blues In My Heart - 6:33
 5. Dedicated To You - 5:58
 6. It's Crazy - 2:58
 7. Serenade In Blue - 6:07
 8. But Not For Me - 6:42
 9. I Wanna Be Loved - 5:38
10. Only Trust Your Heart - 6:38
11. 'Tain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do - 3:46

"I Waited for You." Well, I guess she did, because it's been 10 years since Mary Stallings recorded this excellent album of standards and nobody has reviewed it yet. So....
Mary Stallings is a great example of an all too common situation in jazz: A great talent that has been ignored by almost everybody. Notwithstanding the fact that Ms Stallings cut her first record more than 40 years ago; has sung and toured with the likes of Cal Tjader, Billy Eckstine and Dizzy Gillespie; did a three year stint as the Count Basie Orchestra's "girl-singer;" and been acclaimed by no less than the New York Times as "... the best jazz singer alive today" - utter Ms Stallings' name in polite company and you are almost sure to get blank looks. In fact, people are more likely to have heard of, and heard, her daughter, R&B singer Adriana Evans. Well, that's a shame....
Ms Stallings is a straight ahead, stand-up jazz singer. No pop stuff here - she's the real deal. With a voice that has been described as "Carmen McRae with some Dinah Washinton sass thrown in," Ms Stallings easily navigates the middle register, (as a matter of fact, she has a four octave range), and man-oh-man, can she swing - if you doubt it, you need listen no further than the first track, "Where or When." And if that doesn't convince you, check out her versions of "I Waited for You," "Only Trust Your Heart," and "'Tain't Nobody's Bizness if I Do."
Ms Stallings is backed by the Gene Harris' Quartet. Mr Harris' piano playing is more lyrical than usual, (I've seen Ms Stallings live numerous times and she seems to have a "mellowing effect" on the players backing her up), and Ron Escherte, (guitar), Luther Hughes, (bass), and Paul Humphry, (drums), all do excellent work.
Main stream jazz doesn't get much better than "I Waited for You."

I Waited For You

Willie "Big Eyes" Smith - Bluesin' It

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 63:20
Size: 145,7 MB
Label: Electro-Fi Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. You're Too Bad - 4:54
 2. Blindman - 3:48
 3. Who Let the Cat Out - 4:29
 4. River's Invitation - 5:48
 5. Nobody Knows - 3:59
 6. Hard Times - 6:59
 7. Goin' Away Baby - 4:05
 8. No. 9 Train - 3:41
 9. I Gotta Move - 4:34
10. You Need Love - 4:11
11. Hold It Right There - 4:01
12. Tigerman - 5:52
13. Don't Think I'm Crazy - 4:23
14. Liquified Boogie - 2:29

A seven-time W.C. Handy Award Winner and the driving beat behind the Muddy Waters band, Chicago blues drummer extraordinaire Willie "Big Eyes" Smith is joined by some very special friends on his dynamic Electro-Fi debut "Bluesin' It." Fellow Chicago legend Bob Stroger (Otis Rush, Mississippi Heat) plays bass, and boogie woogie piano master Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne does the honors on piano. Jack de Keyzer works his magic on guitar and shows you why Bob Dylan is a big fan. This CD is a good rockin', down home, turn-it-loose blues party with Willie "Big Eyes" Smith as your host.

Bluesin' It

суббота, 16 июля 2016 г.

Hey Gringo - Funky Car

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 61:47
Size: 141,8 MB
Label: Soundvault Records
Styles: Blues/Funky Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Never Let Go - 3:43
 2. Now's The Time - 4:03
 3. Old Country Road - 5:08
 4. 12th Bar Blues - 3:58
 5. Gimme Back My Brain - 5:11
 6. Around & Around - 3:51
 7. Funky Car - 4:58
 8. What's Been Goin' On ? - 3:33
 9. Moonslap - 6:28
10. What Is It With A Woman ? - 3:26
11. What We Got - 4:52
12. Overnite - 3:52
13. Outta My Tree - 5:21
14. Tell Me Something - 3:18

An all original Groove Injected, Funky, Soul/Blues combo with a retro roots edge and the freshness of Now.
Hey Gringo are a Groove Injected, Funky Bluesy, Jazzy all original boogie/rockin' soul combo with a retro roots edge and the freshness of NOW.
Hey Gringo's Debut album "I WAS THERE" independently released in 2000 has scored rave reviews and airplay across Oz and as far as Argentina, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium & Denmark.
Formed by Daryl Roberts in 1993 the line-up has at times included guest appearances by some of Australia's most legendary performers.The band's relaxed and funky tongue in cheek attitude and sound is characteristic of the influences that make Hey Gringo so different.
Their new album "Funky Car" is now available including special guests Australian music icons Ross Wilson, Broderick Smith, Mike Rudd & Bill Putt (Spectrum) & Nicky Bomba (John Butler Trio) . Australian Musicolgist Billy Pinnell claimed FunkY Car to be album of the year in 2003.
As well as laying down some seriously funky grooves, this smokin' R&B combo based in Melbourne and centred around keyboards, harmonica player Daryl Roberts, guitarist-basist Paul Gadsby and drummer Les Oldman also specialises in swing shuffles and latin derived rhythms. Flanked by Laurie Bongailas and David Williamson on sax roles, occasionally Nicky Bomba on congas and backing vocals, Bill Putt on slide and Ian Russo's trumpet, lead vocalists Gadsby & Roberts are joined on some tracks by such luminaries as Ross Wilson, Broderick Smith and Mike Rudd. Wilson co-wrote 'Old Country Road' on which he sings lead and plays harp. He reappears when Hey Gringo poses the question "What is It With A Woman?", a blues shuffle where all six featured vocalists- including Smith and ace guitarist Rudd - take turns singing verses. Smith's pliant reedwork is again heard on the blues-soaked closer 'Tell Me Something'. A crisp well-balanced genuine black-orientated sound surround smooth vocal tones and harmonies throughout the hour-long program. Stabbing horn lines and tastefully executed guitar, piano and organ breaks blend a total of 14 catchy original songs together in unerring precision.
More intriguing elements of Funky Car include 'Moonslap' - a six and half minute instrumental workout - plus the amiable opener 'Never Let Go', a swinging 'Now's The Time' & 12th Bar Blues', the bluesy 'What's Been Goin'On?' and funkified 'Overnite'. Robert's clever, hook-laden title cut, containing more than a faint, modernistic tint of Zappa, exemplifies his wealth of composing talent. Both lyrically and melodically he is equalled by team-mate Gadsby, generally each write seperately. Emitting a Steve Miller meets Steely Dan vibe with a sprinkling of Joe Jackson, Hey Gringo is an excellent band offering much to lovers of jazz-inflected traditional R&B.
REVIEWS It says something straight away about the caliber of the playing of the guys in Hey Gringo when you see the guest list on this album, and while they certainly enhance the collection of songs the overall sound still remains distinctly Hey Gringo.
And what is their sound you say….in a word Funk….in several words 70’s retro funk that swings and grooves with a soul that evokes dimly lit clubs and bars rather than the pulsing dico lights and white suited Travolta wannabes.
The Album is a smorgasbard of listening delights kicking straight into a brassy beginning with the driving “Never Let Go”. In “Nows the Time” Gadsby croons a jazzy melody that would hold its own up against the greats of the genre.
“ Old Country Road” with Ross the Boss on vocals and harp makes country music groove in a way it rarely does. Bringing this mixture of style and influences together are the hallmark piano licks from Roberts that really standout in “Gimmee Back My Brain” which features Mike Rudd on lead guitar…..It’s a fat sound for the chorus dropping back the dynamics for the verses. The title track (Funky Car) is a real groove a la laid back Sly and the Family Stone…..this car is on cruise control…great wah wah.
After all this cool groovin’ we are suddenly thrust into some lively “jump blues” with the big vocal sound of Roberts, Wilson and Rudd on “What is it With a Woman”. These guys even catch a great Motown brass sound with the soul tinged “Overnite” reminiscent of the Funk Bros...The final two tracks feature the harmonica of Broderick Smith who proves that less is often best and combining it beautifully with Williamsons sax.
Summing up …..14 strong songs played by some of our better musicians and the winner is…..you!

Funky Car

Denilson Big D Martins - Denilson Big D Martins

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 45:59
Size: 105,7 MB
Label: Chico Blues Records
Styles: Blues/Rhythm & Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Get Hot ! - 3:22
 2. 3D (feat. Sax Gordon) - 2:46
 3. Bee Hive (Tribute to Lee Allen) - 5:16
 4. Oh Mariel ! (feat. Sax Gordon) - 3:30
 5. Just a Close - 5:17
 6. Seven to Eleven - 2:49
 7. Joogie the Boogie - 3:46
 8. I Have Decided - 2:39
 9. Rock It - 4:42
10. Bluejeans - 4:14
11. The Newborn Shuffle (feat. Junior Watson) - 4:22
12. Boogie & Barbecue - 3:09

The debut album of the Brazilian Sax Sensation Denilson Martins, the genuine representing of a Classic R&B & Honk Sax Style!
If the sounds of BILL DOGGETT- LEO PARKER & PAUL WILLIAMS light your firecracker- this set is for you......Denilson Martins is a multi-instrumentalist whose understanding of the sounds of late 40's/ early 50's R&B is phenomenal.....From scorching rockers like ROCK-IT to the swinging sounds of Big Jay McNeeley's 3-D, this set captures the frantic sounds of early rock & roll sax to a T..........Featuring the IGOR PRADO BAND with special guests SAX GORDON and JUNIOR WATSON, this is a great way to get any party started.........

Denilson Big D Martins

пятница, 15 июля 2016 г.

Brad Shepik Organ Trio - Top Down

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 50:00
Size: 114,8 MB
Label: JLC Records
Styles: Jazz/Progressive Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Friday - 7:12
 2. Sweet Suzy - 5:55
 3. Vampa - 5:11
 4. Hall - 5:49
 5. Top in the Middle - 8:28
 6. Major Major - 5:03
 7. Aeolia - 6:14
 8. Stumma Cake - 6:05

Featuring Gary Versace (organ) and Mark Ferber (drums), the comfort and easy rapport is apparent as they groove their way through full tilt improvisation, funk, blues, swing, South American and Balkan rhythms in this update of the time honored organ trio.
Shepik writes about Top Down- "These compositions (except Gary Peacock's Major Major) were written in the late spring/early summer of 2015. Friday evokes a wide open elation I feel working in my studio in Brooklyn. Sweet Suzy, written just a few days before the recording recalls the Meter's and the blues and was a highlight of the recording for me. There's more than a hint of one of my favorite guitarists, John Scofield, on this tune. Coincidentally, on the morning of the day of this album's second recording session, I had the honor to record a song with him along with Peter Bernstein and Adam Rogers as part of an New York University Guitar Ensemble record. Vampa has South American feel though I didn't have a specific regional rhythm in mind. The tune's harmonic/rhythmic structure leaves a lot of room for melodic invention and suggested a conversation in the trading choruses. Hall is dedicated to Jim Hall, the giant of the guitar whose influence is felt on every generation of guitarists that have come along since the the late 1950's. Something in the wide melodic intervals and fluid rhythm suggested his artistry. Top in the Middle is a bluesy AABC form however the chords deviate and suggest a somewhat difficult climb to the goal. The title refers to the inevitable mix of sweet and bitter as life unfolds. Major Major has been a favorite tune from Gary Peacock's "Tales of Another" for many years, I had the privilege of playing a session with him when I was 19. Aeolia is a circular tune with a 7/8 Balkan rhythm that reminds me of a friend who lives on a windy island. I was playing with harmonic colors and phrasing on Stumma Cake. The tune's title could be a dessert but the final two chords reflect a mild discomfort experienced occasionally by the very young."

Top Down

Peter Bernstein - Stranger In Paradise

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 66:31
Size: 153,1 MB
Label: Venus / Tokuma Records
Styles: Jazz/Guitar Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Venus Blues - 7:19
 2. Stranger In Paradise - 6:51
 3. Luiza - 6:24
 4. How Little We Know - 6:04
 5. Bobblehed - 6:03
 6. Just A Thought - 8:42
 7. This Is Always - 6:30
 8. Soul Stirrin - 5:40
 9. That Sunday,That Summer - 6:34
10. Autumn Nocturne - 6:20

Guitarist Peter Bernstein is reunited with pianist Brad Mehldau once more (their fourth recording together under Bernstein's name) and also keeps the rhythm section intact from his earlier Criss Cross CD Heart's Content, with Larry Grenadier on bass and drummer Bill Stewart. These rewarding sessions blend elements of hard bop and post-bop, including an intriguing, slightly off-center approach to "Stranger in Paradise" and an intricate, moving interpretation of "This Is Always," a ballad that can become stale in the wrong hands. The quartet also tackles quite a few works that don't get all that much attention, like a greasy arranging of Babs Gonzales' "Soul Stirrin'" and a breezy take of "That Sunday, That Summer," the latter a hit for Nat King Cole during his years as a popular singer. Bernstein also adds four potent originals, all of which set the band afire. It is a shame that Peter Bernstein is overlooked by American record labels, but be thankful that the Japanese know talent when they hear it and invest the time and money to document his work. Highly recommended!

Stranger In Paradise