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The Big Wu - Tool For Evening

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 50:00
Size: 114,6 MB
Label: Bivco Records
Styles: Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Texas Fireball - 4:21
 2. Stole my Girlfriend - 3:56
 3. Dog's Dead - 3:57
 4. Middle of Nowhere - 3:59
 5. Ray Charles Can See - 5:19
 6. Jazz 88 - 7:05
 7. Black Rain - 5:40
 8. Kings of Bass - 2:18
 9. I'm Cryin' - 4:27
10. Lowdown - 8:53

Although the Big Wu fit the jam band stereotype to a certain degree, their playful and rootsy attitude has more in common with the likes of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen or even the sainted NRBQ than with the flaccid white-boy wiggle of the legions of Phish imitators. Kicking off with the rollicking, piano-driven jump blues of "Texas Fireball," Tool for Evening consists almost entirely of concise and catchy pop songs rather than lengthy frameworks for expanded noodly solos. Although the quartet can vamp with the best of the jam bands (as shown on the centerpiece "Jazz 88," one of only two tracks to break the six-minute barrier), they wisely focus their energy here on creating memorable hooks and singalong choruses, as on the countrified "Stole My Girlfriend" and the particularly NRBQ-like "Dog's Dead." Guitarist and co-lead singer Jason Fladager quit the band before the writing and recording of this album; what relation there might be between his departure and the Big Wu's newfound focus on their always evident pop skills is unclear, but it must be said that Tool for Evening is the Big Wu's best studio album by some distance.

Tool For Evening

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Stone Senate - Star City

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 33:07
Size: 76,2 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Cemetery Song - 3:01
 2. Over You - 6:46
 3. Martha - 3:33
 4. Letter of Deperture - 2:57
 5. 7th Floor - 4:39
 6. Hurricanes - 4:49
 7. Lazy River - 7:19

Clint Woolsey - Vocals, Guitar;
Marcus Brown - Guitar;
James Edwards -Guitar,Vocals;
Paul Zettler - Bass,Vocals;
David Zettler - Drums, Vocals.

STONE SENATE is a 5 piece contemporary Southern Rock band hailing from Nashville,Tennessee. With collective musical influences as varied as hard rock, bluegrass, funk, metal, and classic country, STONE SENATE, has often been compared to such classic acts as the Allman Brothers and a heavier Lynyrd Skynyrd with a twist.
Out front is the unforgettable, commanding voice and presence of Clint Woolsey (lead vocals, guitar). The intertwining, simultaneously melodic and face melting dual lead & rhythm guitars of Marcus Brown and newest member James Beau Edwards swirl over the “blood bonded” rhythm section groove created by brothers – David Zettler (drums) and Paul Zettler (bass).
Early in 2014 STONE SENATE signed with manager Erv Woolsey of the Nashville based Erv Woolsey Company and NahPro Entertainment for booking, and have since toured and performed with such acts as Rival Sons, Tantric, Bulletboys, Uli John Roth, Crobot, Charm City Devils, Bible of the Devil, Davisson Brothers Band, Stoney LaRue, Whitey Morgan, Three 6 Mafia, David Lee Murphy , Whiskey Jam Nashville, Billy Falcon, Uncle Kracker, and Sunset Sessions ’14.
Stone Senate released their first EP “1” in the summer of 2014, introducing them to several rock, active rock, triple A and Americana markets across the US and Europe. Also, releasing 2 videos of a trilogy series with Director/Producer Steve Condon and his company The 10:10 Creative.
Recently the band entered the studio with producer Kenny Olson (Kid Rock, 7 Day Binge, Kenny Olson Cartel) and cranked out what may well be a modern classic record, due for release and hitting radio in early 2016.
Meanwhile STONE SENATE are busy burning up the road, just the way they like it!

Star City

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Aria Palea - Zoicekardi'a

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1996
Time: 45:26
Size: 104,5 MB
Label: Lizard
Styles: Progressice Rock/RPI
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Zoicekardi'a (prologo) -  2:04
 2. Ipuno? -  4:15
 3. Scena Dopo Scena -  7:25
 4. Verso La Foresta -  7:24
 5. Desideri -  7:13
 6. Cuore Di Metallo -  4:41
 7. Dolce Mistero -  0:54
 8. Zoicekardi'a (Il volo) - 11:26

Gigi De Giorgi - vocals;
Emanuele Licci - guitars;
Apollonio Tommasi - bass;
Gianluca Milanese - flute;
Egidio Marullo - drums.

Interesting band with great flute soloing. They combine plenty of dynamics and changing moods to create both delicate moments and powerful sections. The use extensive flute and classical guitar. The clarinet and sax are also used. The influence from AREA is evident.
On "Zoicekardia" sound like the modern day continuation of bands like JETHRO TULL or DALTON with an emphasis on guitar/flute interplay. "Danze d'Ansie" is a new jewel from this southern italian band with its original music between prog-folk-theatre in avantgarde point of view through a crazy creative kaleidoscope. Their sound reminds me of JETHRO TULL, DALTON, FINISTERRE, MARY NEWSLETTER, and maybe a bit of DELIRIUM as well due to the folky atmosphere on some tracks.


The Sore Losers - Roslyn

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 43:10
Size: 99,5 MB
Label: Excelsior Recordings/V2
Styles: Rock/Alt.Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Tripper - 2:58
 2. Working Overtime - 2:54
 3. Girl's Gonna Break It - 3:20
 4. Gold In Them Hills - 5:08
 5. Shakey Painters - 5:11
 6. Reasons - 2:20
 7. Don't Know Nothing - 3:01
 8. Us, Uniform - 4:03
 9. Drop Your Disguise - 4:05
10. Blue Shoes - 4:08
11. All My Friends - 5:57

To say that The Sore Losers are keeping the seventies alive on their second album “Roslyn”, is something of an understatement. Yet all of the songs on here sound surprisingly crisp, much to the band’s credit. This Belgian band may have only been around since 2010, but on their second album “Roslyn” they sound as if they’ve been going at it for years. Which they have, but in other bands. The Sore Losers throw rock, blues and garage in the mix, turn their influences into a sound all their own and ended up with one of the most exciting rock albums you’ll hear this year. Yes, I know it’s only February.
Opener “Tripper” kicks off with a basic riff and then quickly turns into a rock ‘n roll behemoth with a catchy as hell chorus. “Working Overtime” is a little more laid-back but equally effective with lots of aaahs in the chorus and a solid guitar solo to boot. “Girl’s Gonna Break It” should’ve been called “Move Over Black Keys!” and “Gold In Them Hills” is simply epic. I could go on about the folky “Reasons”, the bluesy “Drop Your Disguise” that bursts open in the second half or feel-good hit “Don’t Know Nothing” but I already said it… one of the most exciting rock albums of 2014. Still don’t believe me? Check out “Shakey Painters”, the kind of song that reeks of sex, drugs and well, rock ‘n roll.
Produced by The Datsuns’ Rudolf de Borst, “Roslyn” sounds amazing and none of the songs on here deserved any less. Fuck hipsters, The Sore Losers don’t need to yell ‘hey!’ or clap their hands to stand out. They have guitar solos, tons of groove and kickass songs instead.


Gary Myrick's Bluestrash - Gary Myrick's Bluestrash

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 29:31
Size: 67,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Big Bossman - 6:14
 2. Satisfaction - 6:10
 3. Jimmy Was Addicted - 4:06
 4. Tex Pawnshop - 4:17
 5. Hound Dog Woman - 4:58
 6. The River (Can't Walk The Water Without You) - 3:44

GARY MYRICKs BLUESTRASH is Texas-blues in its purest form - dirty, electric, and dangerous.
The trio, based in Los Angeles, California, is fronted by Texas guitar master Gary Myrick (Gary Myrick and the Figures, Havana 3AM - with members of the Clash and John Waite’s band). BLUESTRASH mixes twanging-Texas-blues, urban and rockabilly jumping shuffles, and soulful lapsteel-laced melodies.

Gary Myrick's Bluestrash

Lowell Hopper - Playing It Cool

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 47:07
Size: 108,5 MB
Label: Get Jazzed Records
Styles: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. On The Run - 4:41
 2. Playing It Cool - 4:21
 3. Festival - 4:11
 4. Rain Dance - 4:59
 5. Why Not Now - 4:30
 6. Inside Out - 4:22
 7. Message Of Love - 4:13
 8. New Canvas - 2:45
 9. Night Will Fall - 3:56
10. In Your Eyes - 5:01
11. While You're Here With Me - 4:04

Lowell Hopper - guitars, basses, keyboards, and drum programming;
Derek Burrell - fretless bass on "In Your Eyes".

Kick back and turn up the volume! "Playing It Cool" from guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Lowell Hopper is packed with a rich selection of funky grooves and soulful instrumental tracks. A "must have" for your collection!

Playing It Cool

Kate McRae - Warning Label

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 50:24
Size: 115,9 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Country Rock/Southern Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Warning Label - 3:23
 2. A Little Bit - 2:50
 3. Here Comes Heartache - 4:23
 4. Ship Shape - 5:19
 5. Don't - 4:48
 6. We the People - 2:39
 7. Beautiful - 4:25
 8. This Far (feat. Michael Vance) - 3:00
 9. Fireball - 3:33
10. Turn Out Your Light - 4:32
11. Not So Ordinary - 4:03
12. Dirty River - 3:59
13. Warning Label (Special Edition) - 3:25

Blending Texas country, southern rock, and blues, this fiery little pistol brings her stories and experiences to life.

Warning Label

Joachim Schoenecker Trio & Minguet String Quartet - Nocturnes

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2003
Time: 50:13
Size: 115,1 MB
Label: Parashoot Records
Styles: Jazz/Guitar Jazz/Crossover Jazz 
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. City Lights - 6:21
 2. Visiting Darkness - 5:51
 3. Interlude - 0:20
 4. Eclectic Dance Scene - 6:56
 5. Sledding With Professor Ambrosius - 7:32
 6. While She Sleeps - 5:03
 7. Stella By Starlight - 6:17
 8. Turn Out the Stars - 6:43
 9. And So It Goes - 5:08

One particularly innovative feature is, the dreamlike combination of this highly talented jazz trio with a classical string quartet - rarely have jazz and classical instruments united so harmoniously to form one complete acoustic image.
Joachim Schoenecker: A master guitar-player of the modern age of classical jazz! With a style that is sure and expressive, technically brilliant and acoustically multicoloured, Joachim Schoenecker celebrates his musical visions with a smooth unobtrusiveness that is always on the same wavelength as his high-calibre band members. In the USA, the spiritual home of jazz, Schoenecker’s energy-charged music with its emotional, melodic ballads and virtuoso, sometimes breathtakingly fast-paced, tunes has long been considered the insider’s favourite on what is a very tough and demanding jazz scene.
That Joachim Schoenecker is a first-rate guitarist is clearly evident on his latest album, NOCTURNES: sensitive and technically perfect, this collection of tunes simply shines with the brilliance of his playing. However, his guitar by no means dominates the limelight, he also allows his equally talented colleagues – Chander Sardjoe on drums and Dietmar Fuhr on bass – the freedom and space to bloom in their own right.
One particularly innovative feature of NOCTURNES is, however, the dreamlike combination of this highly talented jazz trio with a classical string quartet (here: the Minguet Quartet). Rarely have jazz and classical instruments united so harmoniously to form one complete acoustic image. The very first piece “City Lights” creates a highly atmospheric closeness that is then characteristic of the entire album. The overall result is a musical delicacy, which impresses mainly through its astounding effortlessness and the dreamlike interaction between the different musicians.
Airy acoustic moments, intimate and gentle dialogues, dynamism and a wealth of variety characterise Schoenecker’s music. Attentive and introspective in the ballads, energy-packed and hands-on in the faster numbers – NOCTURNES will most certainly cause a stir in the jazz world and beyond, and not only in the States. With the 10 songs on NOCTURNES, Schoenecker pays tribute to the “power of the night”, to the beauty and mystery of the “dark hours”.
This wonderful atmosphere is impressively enhanced by the enormously intricate string arrangements of Florian Ross, which together with the dextrous skill of the trio make NOCTURNES so unique. The listener can almost taste the electric atmosphere of the recording studio – not least because of the high-quality recording and mastering technology that makes this hybrid SACD into the most extraordinary sound experience around.
Born in 1966 and living in Cologne, Joachim Schoenecker is already – according to music magazine Jazz Podium – one of only a handful of people who have succeeded, with his début CD, in “rising, in just one step, to the level of master guitarist of the modern age of classical jazz”. Since the release of his second CD, “In the Moment”, with an all-star American line-up comprising Chris Potter, Adam Nussbaum and John Goldsby, he has been fêted by the specialist press as one of the most outstanding European jazz guitarists on the scene. Schoenecker’s own compositions have all the makings of classics. And – as evidenced by NOCTURNES – even pieces from the pens of luminaries such as Bill Evans or even Billy Joel become one with the musical vision of this recording artist and his companions.
Numerous appearances in German and European jazz clubs and festivals, as well as a raft of guest appearances in various line-ups with internationally renowned musicians are further proof of Joachim Schoenecker’s high-quality talent. Since 1999, he has also been teaching jazz guitar and ensemble playing at the University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig. With outstanding ease and clarity, Joachim Schoenecker masters even the most difficult passages and fast-paced runs. But his virtuosity, though much lauded by the specialist press, is only one element of his playing. Schoenecker’s remarkable feel for melodic development, harmony and dramaturgical form, his amazingly original instrumental voice and the clear, sometimes melancholy, structures of his compositions will most certainly win over even those listeners who are not aficionados of jazz.


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Charlie Wood - Charlie Wood & Friends

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 51:24
Size: 118,2 MB
Label: Fremark Records
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Do What's Right - 2:57
 2. Blindside - 4:49
 3. Somebody Rescue Me - 3:36
 4. Good Thing - 4:04
 5. Strange Brew - 3:38
 6. Logtown - 3:39
 7. Tell Me What To Do - 3:31
 8. Junk In The Trunk - 2:58
 9. Saturday Night Jam - 4:00
10. Jezebel - 3:11
11. How Lucky Can One Man Be - 2:53
12. Ain't Got The Blues No More - 4:03
13. Another Day In The South - 3:35
14. Between Heaven And An Ol' Blues Song - 4:23

Charlie Wood is Blues/R&B to the core!
I’ve made friends in all of my travels who I respect so much, and each one is so special to me....not just as a musician, or a writer, or a singer, but as a person. And music is the bridge that brought us all here to this place, Charlie Wood and Friends.

Vocals: Charlie Wood & Wayne Freeman
BGV: Becky Freeman, Wayne Freeman, Charlie Wood
Keys: Chris Nole, Wayne Freeman, Stephen Foster, Chuck Tomlinson
Drums: Richard Carter, Will Beatty
Bass: Charlie Wood
Guitar: Tim Takewell, Jacob Wood, Jim Woodfield, Steve Roy, Mike McKenzie
Slide: Charlie Wood
Harmonica: Dave McGown

Writers: Charlie Wood, Fran Wood, Wayne Freeman, Chris Nole, Joe Stampley, Jack Pearson

Charlie Wood & Friends

Josh Fix - Free At Last

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 53:11
Size: 121,8 MB
Label: 1650 Entertainment
Styles: Rock/Power Pop
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Don't Call Me In The Morning - 4:59
 2. Jethro - 4:53
 3. Free At Last - 5:02
 4. Whiskey & Speed - 6:20
 5. Rock And Roll Slut - 3:49
 6. Burn It Down - 3:13
 7. Tiger On A Treadmill - 3:35
 8. The Water In My Brain - 4:53
 9. Bad With The Superbad - 4:11
10. Rolled In From The South - 4:51
11. What's The Point - 2:35
12. I Thought About It First - 4:44

Josh Fix s Free at Last (1650 Entertainment) thrums with the natural, fated energy of one guy doing what he was born to do. Each of the dozen broad, vibrant songs is exquisitely and painstakingly crafted, achieving a flawlessness that isn t forced. Free At Last isn t a self-indulgent exercise in writing saccharin, bouncy pop songs that revel in naive understandings of life s journey. In fact, Fix infuses his Queen, Ben Folds and Elton John-esque melodies with bitingly intelligent lyrics that characterize a man whose life has been no stranger to tragedy, struggle and the occasional oil rig. Ambitious and sprawling, the record is rooted in manic, bouncy piano rock compositions that conjure a polygamous union between ELO, Queen and Todd Rundgren. Fix again writes in the first person, lamenting a mundane 9-to-5 job hindering your life s purpose (Don t Call Me in the Morning) to recovering from a broken heart (Free At Last). He also creates compelling characters like Jethro (a singer whose voice both exposes and heals all wounds). Fix himself is responsible for the record s tastefully expansive production. Jaime Durr (Hyde Street Studio C) engineered, Paul Ebersold (Spacehog) mixed, and the incomparable Greg Calbi (John Lennon, Bob Dylan) mastered. And the label releasing the album, 1650 Entertainment, is owned by the children of legendary songwriter / producer / label chief Bert Berns. Cassandra and Brett Berns, floored by Fix s talent as a self-contained artist, carry forward their father s independent vision by bringing it from the same 1650 Broadway offices from which their dad first brought up Neil Diamond and Van Morrison. Free At Last is a startling statement from a charmingly reluctant and self-deprecating artist. Even calling yourself an artist is a little frou-frou sometimes, I think. It s like, please you play four chords on a guitar. You re not saving the world. Though he s not saving the world, he is saving audiences from more prosaic pop tunes and another egomaniac rock star...and he s saving himself from another desk job. Josh Fix might not be ready to call himself an artist, but he is Free At Last to let everyone hear his art.

Free At Last

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Chris Daniels & The Kings - Stealin' The Covers

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2008
Time: 62:52
Size: 144,6 MB
Label: Moon Voyage Records
Styles: Funk,Blues,Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Roll Over Beethoven - 3:30
 2. Choo Choo Ch'boogie - 2:21
 3. Just Kissed My Baby - 4:48
 4. 634-5789 - 3:04
 5. The Heart Of Saturday Night - 4:03
 6. Congo Square - 4:19
 7. Crossfire - 4:35
 8. In The Night - 4:34
 9. In My Life - 2:48
10. Who's Makin Love - 4:40
11. Riding With The King - 5:40
12. Soul Mine - 5:00
13. Crosstown Traffic - 2:58
14. Killing Floor - 4:29
15. Sing, Sing, Sing - 3:09
16. Cool Yule - 2:47

A great collection of hits in the \"horn band\" blues tradition: that New Orleans funk and Memphis soul sound by one of this country\'s best rock n roll horn bands.
Chris Daniels & the Kings played their first show on March 14, 1984. Chris has toured Europe 16 times and played in the States from South Carolina to Seattle, New York City to LA. The seven piece rockin\' band, called \"funky-blues\" by the Europeans, is an all out \"horn band\" celebrating their 24th year making great R&B, funk, \"jump blues\" and rock n roll.
Starting in 1991 the band made a name for themselves touring Europe: playing for the Queen of Holland at the 50 Year VE Day Celebration and at Holland\'s famous Parkpop Rock Festival for 450,000. They have headlined festivals from Mediterranean to the North Sea. They have had number one records on Holland’s number one rock show, “Countdown Café” and had front page success with cover articles in De Telegraph and De Standard in Amsterdam and Brussels and amazing reviews in Billboard, LA Times and Downbeat.
There all new \"party till you drop\" record of hits \"Stealin\' The Covers featuers a remarkable list of \"special guests\" including Sonny Landreth, Sam Bush, Bill Payne, Mollie O\'Brien, Hazel Miler, Ritchie Furay, Tony Furtado, Steve Riley, Sam Broussard plus many many more.

Stealin' The Covers

Xander And The Peace Pirates - 11:11

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 46:47
Size: 107,4 MB
Label: V2 Records
Styles: Rock/Roots Rock/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mindscape - 3:06
 2. Fire - 3:11
 3. Night Dress - 3:14
 4. I'll Be Here - 3:58
 5. Rain - 5:43
 6. Dance With The Devil - 4:06
 7. Truth Lies - 4:40
 8. Let Go - 3:20
 9. Dancing In The Light - 2:33
10. Shadows - 4:37
11. Searching For The Light - 8:12

Moest even wennen aan de naam hoor. Xander & the Peace Pirates. Dacht meteen aan Roodbaard, een stripfiguur in het Nederlands stripweekblad de Pep, dat in de jaren zestig en zeventig erg populair was bij ons. Je lag verdorie voor de brievenbus om de eerste te zijn thuis.
Toen ik echter geconfronteerd werd met de rauwe soul, blues en rock van Xander & the Peace Pirates, trok ik toch even mijn bureaustoel onder het bureau en ging er even voor zitten. Als snel kwam ik erachter dat achter deze weerbarstige naam de gebroeders Keith en Stuart Xander schuilen. Keith werd geboren met maar één hand en gebruikt een haak als prothese. Dat weerhield hem er niet van om uitstekend gitaar te leren spelen.
Het tweetal werd in 2013 door de CEO van Gibson Brands, Henry Juszkiewicz, op YouTube ontdekt. Tijdens de talloze internationale events, die het duo voor het gitaarmerk deed, werden ze opgemerkt door het producer duo Eddie Kramer en Rick Allen. Xander and the Peace Pirates werd de huisband van de legendarische The Cavern Club in Liverpool. Mogelijkheden aan de lopende band. Ze speelde met o.a. Joe Bonamassa en Joe Satriani en stonden in het voorprogramma van Whitesnake gitarist Bernie Marsden.
De uit Engeland afkomstige band Xander and the Peace Pirates drukken op 11-11 (release datum van deze plaat) van kiet af de luisteraar met de neus op de feiten. Stokoude genres als soul en blues hoeven niet oubollig te klinken. En reken maar, je wordt in dit album daardoor aangezogen.
Mindscape heeft een lekkere Motown feel. Fire, zou zo uit de klei van de Mississippi Delta getrokken kunnen zijn. In songs als I’ll be Here en Night Dress laat het gezelschap horen hoe The Band Of Heathens in hun hoogtij dagen klonken. Nee, nog één keer de band komt uit Engeland.
Mede bandgenoten Mike Gay op slide gitaar, Joel Goldberg op bas en Adam Goldberg op drums rollen samen met dit werkelijk fenomenale duo een tapijt uit van muzikale kunsten en muziekstromingen. In een liedjes als Rain is de This Picture structuur voelbaar. Het daarop volgende Dance With The Devil, krabt aan de muzikale voegen van The Silencers. Deze plaat danst van begin tot eind, luister maar eens naar Dancing In The Light. Keith Xander mag zich dan wel het gitaarspel eigen gemaakt hebben maar in de rock ballad Searching 4 The Light mankeert er ook helemaal niets aan zijn stem. Jeetje… die toonhoogtes, die tijdens de zang door stembuigingen wordt verkregen, klinkt echt als die van Symon Bye of een Jimme O’Neill. Kwaliteitspop?
11-11 is weer zo’n plaat die er echt toe doet. Uitzondering op de regel, vernieuwend en toch vertrouwd. Hoe verzin je zoiets? Van Xander & the Peace Pirates zullen we de komende jaren meer van horen. Voor dit soort muziek ga je echt weer voor de brievenbus liggen.


вторник, 22 ноября 2016 г.

The Sore Losers - Skydogs

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 32:49
Size: 75,3 MB
Label: Excelsior Recordings
Styles: Rock/Garage Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Blood Moon Shining - 3:34
 2. Got it Bad - 3:12
 3. Cherry Cherry - 2:17
 4. Can't you see me running - 4:39
 5. Emily - 2:56
 6. Dirty Little Pretty Thing - 2:46
 7. All i am - 3:21
 8. Nightcrawler - 3:19
 9. Don't Want it here - 3:18
10. White Whale - 3:24

The Sore Losers is a Belgian rock band, formed in 2009. Jan Straetemans (vocals, guitar), Cedric Maes (guitar), Kevin Maenen (bass) en Alessio Di Turi (drums) combined their love for rock, country, blues and garage and brewed it into a raw and pure rocksound of their own. They are currently signed to Excelsior Recordings.
The Sore Losers made it to the finals of the Belgian contest Humo's Rock Rally on 28 March 2010. The band signed a deal with Excelsior Recordings that led to the recording of their first and self titled album in October 2010. The first single Beyond Repair spent 21 weeks in De Afrekening on Studio Brussel and tied for the longest run on the show in 2010. The band played at Pukkelpop 2010 and were invited to open the main stage in 2011. Not long after their show the festival was cancelled due to damage caused by severe storms which killed five people.
The Sore Losers released their second full-length album Roslyn in February 2014, reaching number 5 in the Ultratop album charts and spent 52 weeks in the charts. The three following singles 'Working Overtime', 'Don't Know Nothing' and 'Tripper' became number 1 in De Afrekening and Hotlist charts from Studio Brussel. In July 2014 the band played at Rock Werchter and on 20 December 2014 they sold-out their first headline show at Ancienne Belgique which was broadcast on Acht (TV channel). The Sore Losers were nominated for the Belgian Music Industry Awards 2014 in the categories 'Alternative' and 'Breakthrough Artist'. The album was released on 20 February 2015 in Germany, Swiss and Austria, followed by a German clubtour together with Triggerfinger.
In November 2015 the band went into the Vox Ton studios in Berlin with Grammy award-winning producer Dave Cobb[1] for only 10 days to record their third full-length album Skydogs. The album came out on 18 March 2016 to critical acclaim in Benelux. The group’s sound is described as a raw blend of the early Black Sabbath, Jack White, The Stooges and The Black Keys, continuously in search of the essence of rock and psychedelia.They sold-out another headline release show at Ancienne Belgique on 15 April 2016 and supported The Boss Hoss in Swiss and Austria in May 2016.
The Sore Losers are influenced by blues rock bands from the 1960s-1970s, particularly bands like MC5, Led Zeppelin and The Yardbirds. The band name is inspired by the same titled cultmovie from director John M. McCarthy.The title of their third album Skydogs is a reference to Duane Allman's nickname.


The Sore Losers - The Sore Losers

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2010
Time: 48:45
Size: 112,6 MB
Label: Excelsior Recordings
Styles: Rock/Garage Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Beyond Repair - 2:42
 2. Into your Head - 3:56
 3. Girl - 3:26
 4. Waiting - 4:04
 5. Silver Seas - 5:32
 6. Born to Please - 3:50
 7. Your Smile - 3:35
 8. Juvenile Heart Attack - 3:25
 9. Hollow Tree - 5:34
10. Coming Home - 4:18
11. Goodmorning Sunshine - 8:20

Meet the true children of rock, the latest testifiers of the revolution, the new rajahs of rock. The Sore Losers is a 4 piece belgian bluesrockband. Jan Straetemans (vocals, guitar), Cedric Maes (guitar), Kevin Maenen (bass) en Alessio Di Turi (drums) combined their love for rock, country, blues and garage and brewed it into a deadly exciting rocksound of their own. Raw & pure. Since the early days (2009) they were compared with bands like The Raconteurs, The Rolling Stones, The Black Keys or The Stooges. Three studio albums later TSL have build themselves a very strong live-reputation that brought them spots on the main stages of renowned festivals such as Rock Werchter, Pukkelpop, Pinkpop,… and many more.

The Sore Losers

Jack O' The Clock - Repetitions Of The Old City - I

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 64:11
Size: 151,1 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Progressive Rock/Prog Folk
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. I Am So Glad To Meet You -  1:37
 2. The Old Man And The Table Saw - 10:30
 3. When The Door Opens, It Opens On Everything - 12:08
 4. Epistemology / Even Keel -  5:45
 5. .22,Or Denny Takes One For The Team -  6:58
 6. Videos Of The Dead -  7:21
 7. Whiteout -  2:28
 8. Fighting The Doughboy - 13:42
 9. After The Dive -  3:38

Another stellar release by this American avant-folk band. The band claim that these songs have been a staple of their live shows for some time, and they tried to capture a more live feel during the recording sessions. The performances are crisp and clear and brimming with emotion. The excellent lyrics are delivered with some of Damon's best vocals to date. The music here is a little more technically complex than some of their earlier works, but it is still delivered with real, organic instrumentation and an accessibility that will keep you coming back for more. I really love this band and this is another winner!

Repetitions Of The Old City - I

понедельник, 21 ноября 2016 г.

Barry Goldberg & Harvey Mandel - Nothin' But The Blues: Blues From Chicago

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 40:46
Size: 94,7 MB
Label: Classic Music Vault
Styles: Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Big Boss Man (Live) -  5:12
 2. Low Down Funk (Live) -  5:14
 3. Lost Love (Live) -  4:25
 4. I'm Losing You (Live) -  3:06
 5. You Got Me Cryin' (Live) -  3:30
 6. Hootchie Kootchie Man (Live) -  3:31
 7. Cherry Jam (Live) - 15:46

Barry Goldberg was a regular fixture in the white blues firmament of the mid-'60s that seemed to stretch from Chicago to New York. A keyboardist (organ seemed to be his specialty), Barry was an in-demand session man — he appears with Michael Bloomfield on a Mitch Ryder album, for instance — along with Al Kooper and his blues-playing contemporary from the original Butterfield band, Mark Naftalin. Goldberg was a member of Charlie Musselwhite's first band, contributing great piano and organ lines to the Stand Back! album (his work on "Cristo Redentor" is moody and introspective, with a strong jazz-inflected feel, while still retaining strong blues roots) and a handful of others throughout the decade.

Blues From Chicago

Pablo El Enterrador - Threephonic

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 44:54
Size: 105,1 MB
Label: Viajero Inmovil Records
Styles: Progressive Rock/Symphonic Prog
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. La Marcha del Regreso - 6:15
 2. Pasion - 5:32
 3. Caida Libre - 6:07
 4. Entre el Bien y El Mal - 7:27
 5. Paginas De Cristal  -   5:26 
 6. Encontrare Un Lugar - 5:23
 7. Los Cielos De Lrak - 6:07
 8. Solo y Desafinado - 4:15
 9. Clave De Sol - 3:43

Jorge Antún / Keyboards, Hammond, bass, vocals
José María Blanc / Guitars, effects, vocals
Marcelo Sali / Drums, bass, percussion, Alesis rhythm machine
Nahuel Antuña / Bass
Pablo López / Electric guitar
Bautista Campisciano / Laughter

Probably the most beautiful and sophisticated group from Argentina. They combine a refined classical influence with definite progressive sound and folk with superb vocals and lyrics. Their music is enlightened by a very important sense of melody. The arrangements are inspired by classical music, and include violin and flute sounds that come just in time to enhance excellent guitar parts or even the keyboards. Sometimes, they might remind you of GALADRIEL.
Their first recording "Pablo El Enterrador" appear in 1983 becoming an immediate success. After a long absence, in 1995-1997 they started working on new material that was included in their second album "2" considered by many the best work of the group. This is an Argentine band with a strong neo prog influence. There is a good balance between vocals and instrumental playing. This should appeal to fans of IQ, PENDRAGON and GALAHAD.


Gerald Albright - Kickin' It Up

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2004
Time: 46:06
Size: 106,0 MB
Label: Universal Distribution
Styles: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. 4 On The Floor - 4:24
 2. To The Max - 4:22
 3. Why Georgia - 4:31
 4. Walker's Theme - 3:58
 5. Condition Of My Heart - 4:50
 6. Throw Yo' Hands (In The Air) - 4:55
 7. Father's Lullaby - 4:54
 8. On The One - 4:55
 9. Kickin' It Up - 4:34
10. If You Don't Know Me By Now - 4:38

It's hard to deny that saxophonist Gerald Albright often gave up playing "jazz" -- at least the snob definition -- in favor of urban radio and smooth jazz radio acceptance. During his years on the Atlantic label (1987-1997), his full-lengths contained big hits surrounded by lackluster songs. The exception was the "real jazz" album (snob definition again) Live at Birdland West, which kicked up the excitement a notch. After leaving Atlantic his first record for GRP, Groovology, was freer and more fun. Maybe it wasn't "real jazz," but it was really good. Nothing was so sweet and staid that it made you wince and the excitement was certainly back. Kickin' It Up continues along these lines, and if it isn't as well constructed as Groovology, it will at least keep the Albright faithful coming back. Albright still plays the jazz-pop that's kept him in the money, but once again he adds little flourishes and playful embellishments that are the textbook definition of jazz. A rotating group of musicians keeps the album from having any honest live feeling (no one ever "responds" to any of the other musicians), and there's almost as much drum programming as there is real drumming. The various groupings at least sound tight, and whenever Albright is coupled with Jeff Lorber he's extra effervescent. Former Boyz II Men vocalist Shawn Stockman pillow talks his way through the Brian McKnight-penned "Condition of My Heart" better than Justin Guarini did, and Albright's inspired arrangement and performance of John Mayer's "Why Georgia" captures the wistful, wandering spirit of the original. A couple formulaic numbers keep the record from being a total success, but there's less of it than during his worst Atlantic days and every song has at least one eyebrow-raising passage. The jazz elite will refuse to recognize him until he delivers another Birdland West, but they're missing his new voice, and judging by how comfy he sounds here, he probably shouldn't go back. Since going with GRP Albright finally added comfortable and freewheeling to amiable, smooth, and relaxed. A fair album -- like this one -- from the new Albright beats a very good one from the old, controlled Albright.

Kickin' It Up

Jaime Mills - Long Hard Road

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2014
Time: 40:29
Size: 95,5 MB
Label: Jerome
Styles: Country Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Aint Enough Whiskey in the Bottle - 3:13
 2. Shadow On the Wall - 2:53
 3. We Ran These Streets - 2:59
 4. Kiss Me in the Morning - 2:59
 5. Don't Wanna Think of You - 3:13
 6. In His Dreams - 3:44
 7. Back to You - 3:50
 8. Hard Heart - 3:25
 9. A Handshake - 3:56
10. Here I Go Again - 3:49
11. Me and My Baby - 2:31
12. Rubber Meets the Road - 3:51

Sraightforward blend of classic rock and country sounds reminsicent of several greats such as Cash, Lightfoot, Jennings, Springsteen and Earl.

Long Hard Road

воскресенье, 20 ноября 2016 г.

The Bob Lanza Blues Band - 'Til The Pain Is Gone

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2013
Time: 57:46
Size: 135,5 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Guitar Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Maudie - 4:22
 2. I'll Take Care Of You - 6:41
 3. 'Til The Pain Is Gone - 6:08
 4. Snake Byte - 3:00
 5. Outskirts Of Town - 7:19
 6. I'm Ready - 4:42
 7. Every Night And Every Day - 4:48
 8. Build Me A Woman - 4:40
 9. Sugar Sweet - 3:11
10. Lonesome - 5:05
11. Our Life - 4:12
12. Mojo - 3:34

As Raw as The Blues gets!!!
There is only one way to play the blues: From the heart with ferocity as if your life depends on it. Singer, songwriter and guitarist Bob Lanza from the wilds of north New Jersey leaves no doubt as to motivation with a scorching second release following his debut Things Ain’t So Bad (2009). Years with Floyd Phillips and the Mudflaps and backing legends like James Cotton prepared his audition as a new blues guitar hero.
12 original and cover tunes range from tough to tender backed by the Reverend Sandy Joren (bass), Noel Sagerman (drums), David “Snakeman” Runyan (harmonica) and a number of guest artists, including son Jake Lanza (guitar). With the rhythm section kicking hard, Mike Bloomfield’s “Maudie” roars with Jake burning the frets off his axe and Joe Cerisano enthusing his undying affection for the lady. The Bobby Bland classic ballad “I’ll Take Care of You” is raw and sensitive at the same time, Lanza making the lyrics his own over the empathetic organ of Ed “Doc” Wall and the serpentine harp of Runyan, his guitar wordlessly expressing his feelings. The thumping title track boogies as Lanza makes his case for singing the blues with tough poetry like “I was born into pain, yes, people think I’m insane, but if y’all live my life, you probably jump in front of a train,” Runyan testing his reeds and the guitar man squeezing thick, distorted cries from his instrument before twisting it into horseshoe in the outro solo. The original instrumental “Snake Byte” follows with a “juke” shuffle and a showcase for Runyan over the hot, swinging rhythm.
A heartrending version of the classic “Outskirts of Town” finds Lanza exposing his soul vocally and instrumentally, blues phrasing and timbre flowing naturally from him as he trades challenging solos with Lee Delray, each heavyweight pushing the other to greater emotional heights. Willie Dixon’s “I’m Ready” is given an authentic Southside of Chicago reading, Lanza singing and playing with suave confidence and Runyan blowing sweet and tart. A side trip to the Westside of Chi-town produces the Magic Sam minor key classic “Every Night & Every Day” as Wall rakes his organ and Lanza growls passionately while punishing his strings. The Texas shuffle of “Build Me a Woman” by Pat Ramsey mines a backslapping beat for Lanza to describe his perfect female and fry the frets of his guitar with climactic solos and penetrating fills.
The Chicago blues standard “Sugar Sweet” spotlights Wall finessing the ivories with consummate skill and propelling the brisk shuffle like a vintage Cadillac V-8. The melancholy ballad “Lonesome,” recorded by Memphis Slim among others, is a wistful country blues with the low volume, nuanced guitar of Lanza blending seamlessly with the understated piano of Wall reminiscent of Slim and Matt Murphy, while featuring his world weary vocal. The original strutting hypnotic boogie shuffle “Our Life” is an acoustic guitar/harp duet lamenting familiar ruts with “I sit alone and I wonder, what’s ahead for me, do I have to keep coming home all alone and hang with my best friend, Mr. TV. I wake up in the morning, dog’s starin’ in my face, when will the powers that be who rule us, disappear into outer space?” A house rocking version of “Got My Mojo Working” leaves the listener craving more of the mile deep grooves, soul stirring vocals and exceptional improvisation.
Bob Lanza presents a convincing story and expresses universal emotions every time he opens his mouth and puts pick to string. It is an unforgettable experience not to be missed that only increases in intensity over time.

Til The Pain Is Gone

Doug Webb - Bright Side

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 62:44
Size: 145,1 MB
Label: Posi-Tone Records
Styles:Jazz/Saxophone Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Society Al - 6:01
 2. Silver Lining - 5:49
 3. The Drive - 3:26
 4. Bahia - 5:14
 5. Doctor Miles - 5:20
 6. Steak Sauce - 5:26
 7. Melody For Margie - 4:40
 8. Slo Mo - 5:51
 9. One For Hank - 4:45
10. Lunar - 4:18
11. Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry - 5:58
12. Funky Medina - 5:49

From one perspective, Doug Webb's Bright Side is basically twelve tracks clothed in very recognizable forms —a few varieties of soul-jazz, a couple of heartfelt ballads, a taut bossa nova, and an array of middling and up tempo straight- ahead swingers. Although the material is thoroughly enjoyable, it's tempting to succumb to a nagging notion that its all been done countless times before, and then simply move on to a record by yet another brave soul planting his/her flag in the jazz tradition. Fortunately, what enables Bright Side to add up to something more than a competent, professionally executed jazz record, is a slew of highlights, bright moments, and outright cool stuff that populates every track. A quintet consisting of Webb's tenor sax, trumpeter Joe Magnarelli, guitarist Ed Cherry, organist Brian Charette, and drummer Steve Fidyk (all of whom have led dates for the Posi-Tone Records label) operates like a well-oiled machine. Listening to how nicely all of the parts fit together, and the fact that you can easily discern each player's contribution, are important facets of the disc's appeal. For instance, Cherry's work on the heads and his comping behind individual soloists are delivered in subtle yet decisive ways that add rich, distinctive flavors—while taking up a minimum amount of space. The same can be said about Charette, whose primary concern is holding down the band's bottom, but, with due cause, asserts himself by means of vivid chords. Fully capable of inhabiting any role the music requires, Fidyk often jolts the band with thickset snare accents, frequently plays fluid, inconspicuous jazz time, and always executes smart, stimulating fills regardless of the type of groove. Webb's voice as an improviser possesses real character regardless of the kind of song he's playing. Check out the R & B influenced "Society Al" for the way in which he gets down by himself at the onset of the track, pausing and briefly falling silent amidst a fair amount honking and shouting. Later on during his solo over the band's uncluttered funk, Webb executes notey runs, brief, tantalizing hesitations, quick, meaningful digressions, as well as broad, weighty tones—and makes all of them sound like they belong in close proximity to one another. Magnarelli's solos—particularly on "Steak Sauce," "Slo Mo," and "Lunar"— contain a fair measure of brassy power mixed with a kind of subdued, floating quality that feels emotionally vulnerable. Cherry possesses a unique, understated style, doling out notes with a soulful circumspection. His all-too-brief intro to "One For Hank" is the epitome of sparse perfection, so simple that it's easy to take it for granted. The guitarist's gift for making improvised lines sound both ephemeral and sturdy is also apparent throughout the gentle "Bahia," where every single note and chord breathes easy and carries an almost imperceptible weight.
In the end, Webb and company make it simple to enjoy the music instead of indulging in critical hair splitting or fretting about stylistic proclivities and influences.

Bright Side

Warren Greig - Here With You

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 47:34
Size: 109,0 MB
Label: Olive Tree Music
Styles: Jazzy Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Riley - 5:14
 2. Tankhouse - 6:11
 3. Empress - 4:00
 4. Two Part Strut - 5:44
 5. Turney - 5:30
 6. Elisa - 3:55
 7. Sebring - 3:58
 8. Here With You - 6:55
 9. Riley Reprise - 6:04

Warren Greig is a Canadian Jazz Guitarist whose second album "Here With You" features all original material. On this CD Warren is accompanied by Paul Wiggins on Hammond B3 organ, Lindsay Prior drums and Byron Stoehr electric bass.
"... creates an atmosphere of intimacy on the aptly-titled Here With You. In this hypnotically captivating collection of original guitar instrumentals, Greig crumbles the walls that separate the artist from his audience. While the music isn't as introspective as one would expect from such a spare, naked setting, Greig's compositions are certainly personal and revealing; their wordless emotions open to multiple interpretations. "

Here With You

суббота, 19 ноября 2016 г.

Red House - Hits 1997-2012

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2012
Time: 61:24
Size: 140,8 MB
Label: Paella Records, S.L.
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. She Loves Me Overtime - 4:06
 2. Crazy Bed - 4:49
 3. The Day The Dream Come True - 5:27
 4. Running On Back - 4:08
 5. Hold On To The Light - 5:21
 6. Lovin' Money Just Can't Buy - 3:31
 7. Guitar Delta Tone - 3:55
 8. Drinkin' Whiskey - 3:40
 9. Rattlesnake Road - 5:40
10. Secret Bluesman - 3:43
11. Let The Blues Man Play - 3:11
12. Black Cat Bone - 4:58
13. Love's A Looney Toon - 4:56
14. Chihuahua Boogie - 3:52

Red House Hits 1997-2012 es una colaboracion de quince anos junto como banda y fuerza musical. Han grabado de nuevo en el estudio “Drinkin’ Whiskey” y “Guitar Delta Tone” manteniendo el espiritu de las actuaciones en directo de Red House. Otras canciones como “Chihuahua Boogie” y “She Loves Me Overtime” han sido remasterizadas para esta grabacion tan especial. Incluido en el CD es una version diferente de “Let The Bluesman Play” que no ha salido al publico previamente. Quince anos de gran musica e historia son muchos para celebrar!

Hits 1997-2012

Atlantis - Live In The Fabrik

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 1975
Time: 74:12
Size: 171,3 MB
Label: Vertigo
Styles: Progressive Rock/JRF
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Friends - 8:40
 2. Ooh Baby - 4:11
 3. Somewhere - 6:02
 4. It's Getting Better - 6:52
 5. Waiting And Longing - 3:41
 6. Brother - 5:34
 7. Rock N Roll Preacher - 4:10
 8. New York City - 3:57
 9. Mr. Bigshot (You Get The Credit) - 6:01
10. Mainline Florida - 6:27
11. Godfather - 4:06
12. Going To The Country - 5:36
13. Rock Me Baby - 4:38
14. Leave It To The Devil - 4:12

Atlantis was a band formed by ex-Frumpy musicians Inga Rumpf, Jean-Jacques Kravetz and Karl-Heinz Schott, in late Summer, 1972. The initial line-up included guitarist Frank Dietz and ex-Emergency drummer Curt Cress (later with Triumvirat, Passport). The band played a few live gigs in Germany before they recorded their debut in London's Island Studios. The US magazine, Cash Box, compared Atlantis with the Doobie Brothers and praised Inga Rumpf's blues-tinged voice. Shortly before the group went on a four week tour of England with Procol Harum, Traffic, Vinegar Joe and the Sharks, Cress and Dietz left and were temporarily supplanted by Udo Lindenberg and George Meier. After the tour, Atlantis recruited Dieter Bornschlegel (ex-Traumtorte) on guitar and Ringo Funk (ex-Jeronimo) on drums as new permanent members. Rumpf and Kravetz remained the artistical nucleus of the band. Said Kravetz: "Inga determines this band like Rod Stewart & the Faces, her voice makes our image." Atlantis' second album "It's Getting Better" was even more determined by Inga Rumpf's preference for black rhythms: "I always took a special liking in blues, jazz and soul music, and, since I'm writing most of the songs, this influence is decisive in our music." Melody Maker "recommended" the second album and Sounds attested the band to be "the most English of all German groups". After the gig at the Paris' Olympia, Atlantis went, again, on a four week tour of England, which included a performance at the rock show, "Old Grey Whistle Test". During this tour, Kravetz left the band and had to be hastily replaced by Rainer Schnelle (ex-Family Tree). At the end of 1973, Atlantis was among Germany's three most popular German rock groups, according to a Musikmarkt poll. Half a year later, the line-up changed again. Schnelle and Bomschlegel were replaced by English keyboarder Adrian Askew and ex-Curly Curve guitarist Alex Conti. Both were featured on the third LP "Ooh Baby". Seven of the ten songs were written by Askew/Conti, while Rumpf only had three of her compositions on the album. The result was a "spicy funk album" (Musik Express) with a "bunch of Germany's best soul" (Sounds). Atlantis was at its best on stage, which was proved by a double album recorded live at the Hamburg Fabrik from 1973 - 1975. In Summer 1975, Atlantis went on tour in the States, mostly as opener for Lynyrd Skynyrd. After the tour, guitarist Alex Conti was fired and went on to play with Lake. The new line-up was completed with former guitarist Frank Dietz and as second guitarist Rainer Marz. The rockier American influence was noticable on Atlantis' fourth LP "Get On Board", but the LP and the following tour failed to have commercial success. Concequently, Inga Rumpf and Karl-Heinz Schott announced their departure in January 1976. After the split, the album "Top Of The Bill" with unreleased studio recordings from December 1975 and March 1976 was released. On February 23, 1983, the original line-up reunited for a revival concert in the Hamburg Fabrik and received standing ovations.

Live In The Fabrik

The Man From Ravcon - Strange Universe

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 42:58
Size: 98,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Rock/Progressive Rock/Psychedelic Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Prelude / Jupiter - 5:38
 2. Quasar - 4:20
 3. Strange Universe - 6:10
 4. Friday's Fugue - 2:58
 5. Neptune - 5:20
 6. Poseidon - 2:58
 7. Zero Gravity - 4:19
 8. Juggernaut One - 2:31
 9. Prelude (Reprise) - 1:49
10. Ancient - 6:51

Melodic instrumental explorations into the realms of classic psychedelic progressive rock - Set the controls for the Heart of the Universe!
With Strange Universe, his eighth full length release, The Man From RavCon (a.k.a. Mike Brown) invites you along for a sonic voyage to the heart of the Universe.
As with his most recent releases - The Puzzle Master (2015), Skyscraper (2013) and The Traveler (2012) - which earned the respect of a wide range of websites, blogs, and publications, Strange Universe further expands on The Man From RavCon's instrumental explorations into the realms of melodic, ambient, psychedelic progressive rock. Mellotron enriched arrangements accentuated by piano, organ and harpsichord combine with interweaving synths, throbbing bass, and dynamic percussion to provide the scenic backdrop for melodic guitar work.
Although Instrumental, Strange Universe should certainly not be considered background music (as one listen with a nice set of headphones will readily reveal), but as the soundtrack for a voyage of the mind. As reviewer, Ian Jane, of rockshockpop.com remarked, The Man From RavCon's music is "the type of thing you want to lie down and listen to alone in the dark, just to really take it all in properly."
Once again, artist Tyler Strouth provides striking cover and gatefold imagery that perfectly reflects the music within.
- a seriously Pink Floyd-esque soundscape that’ll chill you right out and take you to weird places… a really strong album of spacey, attention grabbing instrumental music.

Strange Universe

Eric Turner - Golgotha

Bitrate: 192K/s
Year: 2005
Time: 39:18
Size: 54,4 MB
Label: Atonement Records
Styles: Rock/Metal/
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. The Healer - 3:30
 2. Time to Pray - 4:22
 3. The Seeker - 5:03
 4. He's the One - 3:35
 5. Standin' on the Rock - 3:03
 6. The Long Journey Home - 3:32
 7. No One Else to Blame - 4:19
 8. Family of the Living God - 3:37
 9. Reaching Higher - 3:40
10. Golgotha - 4:33

This is the New CD from Eric Turner-GOLGOTHA-Eastgate 3
The Trilogy of 3 Eastgate cds is complete.
See the bio on Eastgate 1-Coming Through
and on Eastgate 2-The Secret Place of Thunder.
Eric completed a national tour with Darrell Mansfield
this year.Checkout www.Darrell Mansfield.net for new events.
Eric recently played Tehachapi prison with MCL
where 400 men gave their life to the Lord.
Also he has played the annual Bikers for Christ Bike Blessing presented by Pastor Fred Z the past 4 years.
See and hear Eric Sunday Mornings at Pastor Larry's
Calvary of the Canyons in Silverado.
The concert with Pastor Bob's New Wine Fellowship
reaching downtown L.A.was a real blessing to the folks there.Thank you Blacksheep for having Darrell Mansfield.
At the Jesus Fest and Hallowed Be Thy Name events in Riverside,Ca.the Eric Turner Band was featured.When Pastor Willie gave the altar call, hundreds came forward to "Get right with the Lord",see SetFreeRocks.com for the pics. 8/13/05 in Whittier at Clement Church was the Bike Blessing Show for Frontline Warriors.The celebration at New Wine Church on 9/19 was in honor of thirteen years as a body.MCL headlined a day of music,food,and fellowship.Then again at the Thursday night study MCL presented worship and praise.
Thank you Koinania Fellowship of Huntington Beach for having MCL.Hearts and lives were touched.OC Rescue Mission.
Eric and Darrell recently played Calvary of Ridgecrest and Barstow,Happy Anniversary to the Desert Chapels.Set Free Car and Bike Show was the best ever.Jesus Fest July 29th,2006.About 200 people came to the Lord!October28th,'06 Hallowed Be Thy Name for Set Free was the best ever! More news soon.


Dustin Pittsley Band - Dustin Pittsley Band

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 40:17
Size: 92,8 MB
Label: Continental Record Services
Styles: Blues/Blues Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Can't Find Nothin' - 4:40
 2. Satellite - 4:46
 3. Just Enough Time - 4:15
 4. Rare to be Right - 6:55
 5. Where I've Been - 3:58
 6. Shadow of a Stranger - 3:48
 7. For the Ones We Leave Behind - 4:36
 8. Slow Down - 2:59
 9. Waves Crashing - 4:16

Dustin Pittsley - guitar, vocals
Donnie Wood - bass
David Teegarden, Jr - drums, percussion
Chris Kyle - keys
Jesse Aycock - pedal steel
Additional backing vocals by Wink Burcham, Jesse Aycock

A musical triple-threat, Dustin Pittsley knows how to deliver. With his rich voice, blazing guitar licks and heart-felt lyrics, this award-winning bluesman and his stellar band shine on their latest self-titled release. This is soulful, Southern blues-infused rock at its best, capturing a band that’s confident in its sound and ready to spread that gospel. Recommended for fans of: Doyle Bramhall II, Gov’t Mule and Ian Moore.

Dustin Pittsley Band

The Bob Lanza Blues Band - Time To Let Go

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 44:44
Size: 102,6 MB
Label: Connor Ray Music
Styles: Blues/Guitar Blues
Art: Full

Tracks Listing:
 1. Mind Your Own Business - 3:57
 2. Time to Let Go - 3:26
 3. When the Sun Comes Up - 5:38
 4. Your Turn to Cry - 4:24
 5. Rush'n' the Blues - 4:06
 6. Follow Your Heart - 3:21
 7. Go No Further - 4:05
 8. Love Me or Leave Me - 5:22
 9. You're Not in Texas - 4:28
10. Johnny Smith - 3:01
11. Walkin' Thru the Park - 2:52

Original rocking Blues from New Jersey's best loved Bluesman!
Produced by Bob Lanza and recorded at Skylab Recording studio in Roosevelt, New Jersey, Time to Let Go is Bob’s fourth album release. Its 11 tracks, a mix of soulful originals and cool covers, showcase Bob’s powerful blues guitar work and sinewy vocals.
“This album comes at a time when I've had a lot of loss in my life,” confesses Lanza. “My mother and brother both passed away while I was recording this CD. It’s a tribute to them, and a suggestion to all of the families that go through difficult times; you gotta let ‘em go and continue life.
“From the sound engineers to the people at Connor Ray and all who helped on this project - these people are what make the world go round. To see how much help I got while doing this CD was just mind-blowing to me.”
Joining Bob on the album are his regular touring band members, plus The Cranberry Lake Horns and several special guests, including Steve Krase on harmonica.
The circumstances that occurred during the recording of Time to Let Go fueled an extra level of expression of visceral feeling from Lanza, which manifested itself in both his guitar playing and singing. “My guitar is raw, powerful and very emotional on these tracks,” he admits.
Born and raised in the wilds of northern New Jersey, Bob Lanza took advantage of his proximity to New York City to learn from the great Johnny “Clyde” Copeland and Floyd Phillips. Their influences can be heard in the passion embedded in all of Lanza’s music. More recently, Bob Lanza has provided support for Trudy Lynn and James Cotton on their East Coast appearances.
Bob Lanza sums up the music on Time to Let Go with this message: “the blues is alive and it’s coming to get you!!”

Time To Let Go

Big Joe Fitz - Shoulda Known Better

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 42:38
Size: 97,7 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Mellow Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Don't Mess Around with Love - 3:15
 2. Funny How Time Slips Away - 4:43
 3. Members Only - 3:53
 4. Feeling Blue - 4:00
 5. I Wouldn't Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me) - 3:47
 6. Nothing Takes the Place of You - 3:56
 7. You Better Move On - 4:24
 8. Lonesome Town - 4:30
 9. Never Make a Move Too Soon - 4:40
10. Today I Started Loving You Again - 5:26

Soulful Swinging Blues: Roots Music delivered with heart and deep feeling and a steady rolling groove..Some classic tunes as well as a few obscure nuggets. Whether it's Blues, or Country, or Soul Music we always put our own particular - understated but funky - treatment on it.

Shoulda Known Better

четверг, 17 ноября 2016 г.

David P Stevens - Listen To David P Stevens

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 48:52
Size: 112,6 MB
Label: Sanctifly Music Group
Styles: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. For You - 3:11
 2. Moon Walkin - 3:26
 3. Jackiem Joyner - Night Life - 3:42
 4. Vandell Andrew - Jazz Party - 4:04
 5. Selina Albright - Grateful - 3:25
 6. Carol Riddick - Your Embrace - 5:11
 7. Forever - 4:52
 8. Step Slow - 3:38
 9. It's in Your Kiss - 5:35
10. Get Up - 3:39
11. Frank Mccomb - Flyin' Down the Five - 3:58
12. Flyin' Down The Five - 4:06

Please enjoy a sample of David P Stevens 2 most recent albums, Mr. Guitar and Love City/
Artist/Producer, David P Stevens is releasing this compilation of his latest albums, Mr. Guitar and Love City! After you hear this, you will want to visit your nearest online store to purchase the full albums of both! Enjoy great jazz!!

Listen To David P Stevens

Psicolorama - Home

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2015
Time: 56:10
Size: 128,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Progressive Rock/Crossover Prog
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Father and Maryanne - 16:02
 2. Golden Bodies - 16:53
 3. Crashed Bodies - 16:44
 4. Calling home -  6:29

PSICOLORAMA is a new Spanish progressive rock band formed in January 2013.


среда, 16 ноября 2016 г.

Leaky Roof - Take a Jive

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 34:53
Size: 80,2 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues/Modern Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Boobies Ain't for Baby - 3:35
 2. Guy You Love to Hate - 2:53
 3. Blues in My Bed - 4:33
 4. Square Bug - 3:09
 5. Howling Hound - 4:15
 6. Keep Breathing - 4:02
 7. Leaky Roof Jive - 3:09
 8. Just My Size (Live) - 3:53
 9. Tagging Along (Live) - 5:20

Alexander Heytens- vocals, guitars,harp;
Pieter De Poorter - bass;
Dirk Laruweere - drums.

"Slap on ya lid skids, roll on the throttle and take a jive!" Why don't you have a ride with us? Supercharged with slide guitars, bluesharps, hot bass, groovy drums and cheeky lyrics, Leaky Roof might put some foot stomping in your steps... Enjoy!

Take a Jive

вторник, 15 ноября 2016 г.

Rick Brown Trio - Jazzberry Sky

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 32:53
Size: 75,5 MB
Label: Artistry/Mack Avenue
Styles: Jazz

Art: Front
 1. Andromeda - 4:12
 2. Asperation's Mirror - 2:07
 3. Copenhagen Town - 3:17
 4. Dance Of The Dustman - 2:15
 5. Doctor Jingle And Mister Hype - 2:43
 6. Jazzberry Sky - 2:48
 7. Lost In Las Vegas - 2:52
 8. Me Myself And I - 4:23
 9. Song For My Children - 3:15
10. The Lovebug - 2:30
11. Who What Where And Why - 2:27

Please Note: Rick has a clearly unique style of writing and producing music that he has developed over many years in the Music Business as a Songwriter/Composer, Producer/Arranger and Studio Musician. His songs and "Song Productions" have been affectionately described by many of his fellow Musicians and Colleagues as > Easy Listening Cow-Jazz.  A unique blend of "Easy Listening POP, a sliver of COUNTRY, and a slice of Smooth JAZZ".  Because of this, some songs have been very difficult to categorize as to a specific Genre or Style. However we've done our best to sort songs into different Genres.

Jazzberry Sky

Leigh Blond - Blueside of The Road

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 45:30
Size: 104,3 MB
Label: RM Records
Styles: Blues/Electric Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Only You - 4:18
 2. Blueside of the Road - 3:32
 3. Blues is a woman - 3:56
 4. In my dreams - 3:49
 5. Love ain't easy - 6:12
 6. Shallow Hearts - 5:05
 7. Places we don't wanna know - 4:51
 8. Cold heart - 4:32
 9. Kind of Late - 4:38
10. Indians - 4:33

At the age of five, during visiting his aunts, he was introduced to the music of Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry. Six years later he bought his first album, I Feel Like a Millionaire by Champion Jack Dupree. At the age of 14 he started to learn play the guitar and at the age of 16 he started to write songs lyrics. During his career he wrote about 100 texts and some of them were used by other artists such as Boz Scaggs, Bonnie Raitt, Dusty Springfield, Bill Wyman, Chris Farlowe, Long John Baldry, Paul Rodgers and others. Between 1975 and 1981 he played the piano in the Boogie Woogie and Blues Band, which recorded two albums and gave concerts mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy. In 1990 he started to sing (he made a vocal attempts before, but discarded they because of trying to focus on playing the piano and guitar).
BlueSide of the Road, the previous Leigh Blond record, was released in 2006 on the RM Records label. It was poorly presented in the European market . Finally, the album was marketed in the Southern US states, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, Leigh Blond says in an interview I had with him, in June 2013 in London. The Dutch Artist received an award for it in 2011. January 2012, a brand new record with 12 Leigh Blond songs was released.
SUBTLE WAYS, it is called. All music written and produced by Leigh Blond. Playing the record, one can’t deny Blond is an original style, with a wink to Eric Clapton, Peter Green, Ry Cooder, Gerald Rafferty, Mark Knopfler, if you like. Subtle Ways contains moody Blues and stirring Ballads and light Rock & Roll. Anglo constructions in American scaffolding. A predominant role for the slide guitar on Blonds’ records almost has become a tradition. By the way, on Subtle Ways Blond plays all guitars, keyboards, harmonicas and percussions, apart from all lead vocals.
I felt like doing the record on my own in the first place, inspired by individualism. Eventually, Herman Deinum, Hans laFaille, and a few other fine musicians joined the making of Subtle Ways. Don't forget Katie Humble and Caz West ...." The album is a listening delight to many people. Subtle Ways is an easy going blues, ballads and rock and roll album. And the new album musician! Listen and enjoy!

Blueside of The Road

понедельник, 14 ноября 2016 г.

Hook Herrera - No Matter What I Do

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2011
Time: 43:57
Size: 101,0 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. No Matter What I Do - 3:51
 2. Just How I Feel - 4:07
 3. Sweet Memory - 5:13
 4. Flamenco Soul - 5:14
 5. Learnin' - 3:42
 6. Blue Ndn - 4:49
 7. Might Be a Fool - 3:36
 8. Son Of God - 2:47
 9. If You Ever Need Me - 3:50
10. Had My Fun - 6:44
11. La Guanabana - 4:19

Born and raised in east San Jose. Influenced by the great concerts in the Bay Area and all the music within my own family. The a.m. radio at the time brought us Jimi Hendrix, Little Richard, BB King and Donny Hathaway in the same half hour. My family brought me homegrown pure folklorico music from Mexico. Dancing and playing and singing. Mix it all together and you get bands like War, Santana and Tower of Power – which are all heavy influences into how I think of rhythms and music.
I started out on the accordion. A great big one. Bigger than me. I had to pull it around in my red wagon and have someone put it on me once I sat down. That’s how big. Soon my brother Dennis was turning my head with the guitar and blues a la Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Muddy Waters and the Rolling Stones. I graduated to rhythm guitar so my brother could practice his leads. Jimmy Reed all day for me. Then I saw an old cat play harmonica in the greyhound bus stations. Went out and mowed lawns all day one Saturday till I had $2.75 to get a marine band ‘c’ harmonica from Langone’s music store on Alum Rock Ave. next to Chuck’s Hobby Shop and across the street from Peter’s Bakery. I played it to everything. Everything on the radio. Everything I heard. I played along. In key or not. I played. I got a rack and played guitar and harp and was the neighborhood jukebox getting called onto friends porches and lawns to play a song.
We worked. I worked all the time. We played on my street. In garages. At jams at the bodega in Campbell, San Jose. At parties. All over… Playing blues was without question already my direction. I loved rock and still do and more where it came from. I studied records and liner notes and went to meet and hang out.
I carried guitars and shined shoes and snuck wine in to hang out. I just wanted to hang. And I did. Like so many of my friends and cats before me did. We just loved the old dudes and the blues dudes and women and had as much fun as we could.
In San Diego during my stint in the navy I met William Clarke and Smokey Wilson. The Paladins had a rehearsal built in my garage. We all ran together and i saw some great shows and played some. OK a lot. I had met Charlie Musselwhite when I was a kid hanging out at the bodega. He was with John Lee Hooker. I only wanted to play what they were playing. Lowdown. Smokey was unreal. And he and Bill Clarke were tight as family and thru them I met everyone down there and we played in Watts. Ricky and Laura’s. Pure pleasure lounge. Smokey’s Pioneer 88 on Vermont and 88th. JD Nicholsons’ after hours on Avalon. Harmonica Fat’s upstairs on 88 and Broadway. The Safari Room with Cardell. It was lowdown. William Clarke was family and will always be and a giant influence on everything to me. Hollywood Fats was a friend and just so much fun to watch play. The great James Harmon ruled the California coast and is as big an influence as anyone. Larry Taylor along with Junior Watson and Harmon and Bill and Fats were so great to have around and watch and play with. I learned so much from all of em.
After the navy and Southern Cal I went to Texas. Started in dallas and met a ton of great musicians out there and played with Freddie Pharoah, Hash Brown, Felix Reyes and Dallas cats. Met Sam Myers and Anson Funderburgh and would live with Sam Later and play once in a while with Anson. And me and Sam would do gigs. Sam on drums. Unreal.
From there Kim Wilson and Clifford Antone brought me down to Austin to play at Antones. I met every blues cat I ever wanted to there. They all played there and hung out there. During anniversary week just one year for example, I played with Buddy, Luther Tucker, Jimmy Rogers, Bob Strogher, Willie Big Eyes Smith, Pinetop, Bonnie Rait, Denny Freeman, George Rains, Mel Brown, Hubert Sumlin, Mike Buck, Rodney Craig… See what I mean? It was blues heaven and I was rolling in it. Drunk. It was the most musical unreal time.
Me and Alex Napier (Texas legend) leave for our first tour and we still didn’t have a van. We borrowed from the Continental and a tire shop and three friends with jobs and bought a dodge ramvan for 800 bucks on Lamar. Built a loft for a bed on top in the back and gear underneath. Welded some of the holes shut in the floor. Although the exhaust leak in the back would knock you out without fail. We didnt even have a whole tour booked but would show up places and play for food and gas. And we did. Sometimes we had actual shows. We opened up for all our friends. Roomful of blues and Albert Collins and all kinds. And the blues is a small world. One week on the road could bring jams with Uncle John Turner and Ronnie Earl and Denny Freeman.
I played in Texas till I got sober, with the help of some great friends. Some who are gone now. I went back out to California and got signed to Warner Chappell and William Morris then ICM. I played with the Greg Allman Band and met Warren Haynes and Woody Allen playing in that group when we toured. I love Warren and we all loved Woody. I met Matt Abts later and watched Gov’t Mule go thru all the stages from birth of that great band. Over the years I have done various appearances with Gov’t Mule and will do so till the end I imagine. At the end of the Allman tour I played with the Allman Brothers Band off and on for a few years and I would do shows here and there. I met Richie Sambora in the early 90s and i played harp for him for many years on his solo projects. A more generous helpful giant hearted rock star would be hard to find. A regular Jersey cat who loves blues. I am thankful for all the help he laid on me and exposure.
After it ALL blew up at the same time, I left. Went to Spain for two weeks and stayed. Began touring Europe and playing with a whole new set of cats. The most rewarding part of my Spanish trip, with the “spanishes” (as Smokey Wilson says) was and will alway be the flamenco. I met and was brought into the Amador family. The Fernandez family. Heavy weight flamenco blood line. Cathy Claret belongs to that family and I have recorded and played with Cathy and have played concerts with Raimundo Amador. I wrote a song in tribute to that first meeting.
Flamenco Soul is on my new record and I have moved back to the states. Billy Gibbons, Matt Abts and Jorgen Carlsson are the rhythm section for that song. After touring with the Alvin Younblood
Hart Muscle Theory playing bass for Alvin, I went back to Spain and closed up shop. I recorded this latest record No Matter What I Do on Blue NDN Records. A label I started with Shannon Green of California. We hope to develop a few friends and artists if we can get this record moving. The direction of it all is blues power and help for blues artist. We hope.
More recently I played with Warren Haynes as a duo for his set at Levon Helm’s Ramble. Since then I have been back and will continue to do so. The environment and vibe that Levon has created with his enormous soul and incredible music has been an honor for me to partake in.
For the future I hope to finalize a project with my cousin Russell Rodriguez, nephew Lico Zuniga and Taj Mahal. That is my dream project and goal for now. Taj Mahal has been a great help to me and more than an influence. I have shared the stage with Taj and it’s incredible. To say the least.
The second project I have on my list is Corey Harris, Pura Fe and Alvin Youngblood Hart, my cousins and me. These are goals I am working towards and hope to see all of you on the journey.

No Matter What I Do

Jerimiah Marques & The Blue Aces - This Is Hip!

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2002
Time: 49:58
Size: 114,6 MB
Label: Self Released
Styles: Blues
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. This Is Hip - 3:41
 2. Ring Around My Heart - 5:13
 3. Let Me Explain - 3:25
 4. Gypsy Woman - 5:01
 5. I'm Ready - 3:14
 6. Stockyard Blues - 4:15
 7. Blue Coat Man - 3:51
 8. Oh Yeah - 3:41
 9. Crawling Kingsnake - 2:45
10. Call My Job - 5:33
11. Screaming & Crying - 6:07
12. I've Got My Brand On You - 3:08

Classic album from The Blue Aces, first released in 2002.
Featuring the Blue Aces line-up of Lewis Fielding (guitar), Laurie Garman (Harmonica), Pete Nash (Piano) and Mike Thorne (drums).
Special guests include Big Joe Louis (guitar), Ian Jennings (double bass), Raul de Pedro (guitar), Fred P.G. (guitar), Graeme Turner (saxophone) and West Weston (harmonica).
Limited-edition CD available direct from the Blue Aces at concerts.

This Is Hip!

воскресенье, 13 ноября 2016 г.

Dick Oatts - All of Three

Bitrate: 224K/s
Year: 1997
Time: 55:08
Size: 88,6 MB
Label: SteepleChase
Styles: Mainstream Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Barnacle Bill (Dick Oatts) -  6:10
 2. Gumbo G (Dick Oatts) -  7:17
 3. Single line (Dick Oatts) -  4:32
 4. In love & memory (Dick Oatts) -  6:59
 5. On dominant (Dick Oatts) -  8:14
 6. In light of (Dick Oatts) -  4:11
 7. Alone together (Arthur Schwartz) - 11:11
 8. Break take (Dick Oatts) -  6:30

Dick Oatts is one of the latest addition to SteepleChase exclusive recording artists’ list. He has been one of the most sought after saxophone players on the New York scene in the past twenty years. He started out with the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Orchestra and played with, among others, Red Rodney, Bob Brookmeyer, Sara Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald. There will be many more recordings to come from this extraordinary artist.

All Of Three

U-Nam - Surface Level

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2016
Time: 59:48
Size: 137,3 MB
Label: Skytown Records
Styles: Jazz/Smooth Jazz
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. Going for Miles - 5:04
 2. Groove Paradise - 4:04
 3. Back in Style - 5:36
 4. Mary Jane (All Night Long) - 5:32
 5. Plus de Funk! - 5:40
 6. Spice of Life - 3:43
 7. Surface Level - 5:25
 8. West Indeed - 3:58
 9. The Sound of Music - 6:27
10. Cool Blue - 5:35
11. The Sound of Music (Extended Version) - 8:38

Billboard Chart-Topper Jazz Artist U-Nam is back with a brand new album “Surface Level”. U-Nam says: "I’m very excited about this new album and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it and recording it. The album has a mix of everything I love, Funk, Smooth Jazz, Soul and a little bit of new influences.
I had the help of my usual team and friends on this album, plus some new faces:
Shannon Kennedy (Sax,Flute), Dwayne “Smitty” Smith (Bass), Denis Benarrosh (Percussion), Ramon Yslas (Percussion), Fran Merante (Drums), JFly (Drums), Bill Steinway (Piano), Christian Martinez (Trumpet), Maria Grig (Violin & Alto), Raymond Gimenes (Strings Arrangement), Kim Chandler (vocals) & Tim Owens (Vocals), but as well my very good friend Bob Baldwin, and my new “Protégé” and Skytown Records new artist Valeriy Stepanov."
Guitarist U-Nam has earned a deserved reputation for strong up-tempo groove driven Smooth Jazz. ‘Surface Level’ will consolidate that rep. His playing is clean and crystal clear – you can hear the influence of George Benson in it. Tunes such as the infectious ‘Going For Miles’ and upbeat ‘Plus de Funk’ groove nicely. ‘Surface Level’ is another catchy piece. Covers of Dayton’s ‘Sound Of Music’ and the Mary Jane Girls ‘All Night Long’ add familiarity to the set and are rendered tastefully.
Born and raised in Paris / France, U-Nam began playing the guitar at age 12, and studied for three years at the Paris-based CIM – the ?rst European school for jazz – between 1986 and 1989. At age 19
he turned professional, becoming a ?xture at Paris studio sessions. Well known throughout Europe and the US as a musical trendsetter and innovative player in Instrumental Music, Soul, and R&B, Emmanuel “U-Nam” Abiteboul has more than earned his reputation as a virtuosic guitarist and producer. Since his move to the US from Paris, France in 2007, Guitarist U-Nam has had the opportunity to perform, record and produce several of the top artists in the Smooth Jazz, R&B, and Soul genres. He has traveled throughout the US at events and Festivals including the Catalina JazzTrax Festival, Jazz on the Green, the JazzTrax Big Bear Festival, the Dave Koz and Friends Cruise et al. His performances extend outside of the US, he will be performing in February 2010 at the Dubai Jazz Festival. Originally a renowned producer, U-Nam has worked with a number of International Artists including Barry White, Kool & the Gang, Honeyz, Louis Fonsi, and MC-Solaar, earning him several Gold and Multi-Platinum records. In 2007, he established himself as a prominent solo artist with the release his sophomore album, “Back from the 80s” which included the #1 hit “Street Life”. “Street Life” stayed in the Top Three on the US Billboard Charts for three months and the Top Ten charts for an entire year. In 2008, U-Nam signed with the prestigious guitar manufacturer, Ibanez. In their 2009 product catalog, he was honored with a double page feature alongside legendary guitarists George Benson, Pat Metheny, and John Sco`eld. U-Nam has three album releases as a solo artist. “The Past Builds the Future” (2005) was #2 on SolarRadio UK (the largest soul radio station in the UK). The album had signi?cant radio airplay in Europe and made it into the Top 47 on the US charts. “Back from the 80s” (2007) was the number one album of the year on Jazz FM, Steve Quirk’s Fusion Flavours, as well as a #1 on the US Billboard Charts. His latest release “Unanimity” (2009) has reached the Top 30 on the US Billboard charts with his hit single “Shine On”. In recent months, U-Nam has been hosting a successful jazz series entitled the “One-Soul Jazz Series” at the Cellar in Long Beach, California. The series has included popular Smooth Jazz Musicians such as Gregg Karukas, Michael Paulo, Tom Braxton, Kim Waters, Gail Johnson, and
Greg Adams. He was also considered for the 2009 Grammy’s in three categories including Best Improvised Solo and Best Pop Instrumental Song.

Surface Level