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Sula Bassana - The Night

Bitrate: 320K/s
Year: 2009
Time: 51:41
Size: 118,4 MB
Label: Sulatron Records
Styles: Progressive Rock/Psychedelic/Space Rock
Art: Front

Tracks Listing:
 1. In Space -  5:54
 2. Lost In Space -  6:50
 3. The Night - 15:29
 4. Meteorritt -  7:07
 5. Kosmokrator - 16:18

Dave Schmidt - vocals (2,5), guitars, basses, synths (Korg, Moog, Roland), Mellotron, organ, drums, gong, computer, producer;
Stefan Koglek - vocals (3).

Another reissue from the the fevered brow of Dave Schmidt aka the hardest working man in music. 'The Night' was first released in 2009 on vinyl on Norway's Pancromatic Records and the 500 copies soon sold out, likewise a 300 copy repress in 2013 (on top of this, 1000 CD versions also sold out). Now Sulatron Records have released another CD edition....and those who missed out first (and second) time round, or have yet to experience 'The Night' would be well advised to take advantage and get it...now...before it sells out again!
Sula played everything on the album....everything, which is, and I quote from his website "Gibson SG; Fender Strat, Fender and Elvis basses; Roland, Moog and Korg synthesizers; Mellotron; organ; Trixon drums; computer; gong and other little stuff...". The only outside help came in the shape of Stefan Koglek of stoner / psychedelic group Colour Haze, who contributes vocals to 'The Night - part 2', mastering duties yet again fall to soundsmith EROC and the artwork is by german Sci-Fi artist Frank Lewecke.
The album itself is pure spacerock, with occasional nods to krautrock and psychedelia and, as with with all of Sula Bassana's output, the quality is exceptional, and even within the seemingly narrow label of spacerock, there is plenty of variety to keep the listener hooked. Opener 'In Space' starts with an ominous rumble followed by some synths straight out of a John Carpenter film and then the track turns into what sounds like space-lounge (and I mean that in a good way!)- it has a real Shadowsy / sixties spy film vibe about it, albeit with some fantastic spacey effects, an infectious beat and rumbling bass - an intriguing way to introduce the album. 'Lost In Space' is pure spacerock...some eastern melodies permeate the chugging motorik grooves and the cosmic electronica with some groovy mellotron added for good measure. 'The Night' is the centrepiece of the album - a fifteen minute opus split into four parts. After an atmospheric, even eerie, start the vocals of Stefan Koglek join over some workman-like guitars. It has a really 'classy' feel about it and at times you think it would fit nicely onto the B-side of Bowie's 'Diamond Dogs' such is the atmosphere it creates. The gradual build continues - some lovely psych guitarwork kicks in and the tempo is cranked up, and then it comes full circle and evolves into a gentle, hazy number reminiscent of early Floyd. 'Meteorritt' starts with some harsh guitar chords before becoming a more straightforward spacerock workout - probably the most 'Hawkwind' sounding track on the album....and that's no bad thing. 'Kosmokrator' is another lengthy track at just over sixteen minutes and is where Sula really lets his space wings stretch, like a huge cosmic eagle. There are some fab freakouts over more hypnotic motorik rhythms interspersed with periods of calm with undercurrents of spacey synths (and it climaxes with a huge gong strike!). It is simultaneously comfortable and familiar and yet sounds incredibly fresh.....this is how good spacerock should sound (I was talking to a mate the other day who was unfamiliar with the whole concept...had never even heard of Hawkwind!...and I played this track as a benchmark).
It is no surprise that the former editions of 'The Night' sold out...anyone who likes spacerock / krautrock NEEDS to have this album so get yourself over to Sulatron Records and grab it while you still can, I don't imagine it will hanging around. This is a work of supreme musicianship and craft that hits all the buttons.

The Night

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